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Guns & Gadgets Daily Versus 2020: The @$*! Year In Review



If the best thing you can say about this Year of Our Lord 2020 is that it’s almost over, read on…

This year has been something of an annus horribilis–which, incidentally, was Chinese spy Fang Fang’s pet name for U.S. Representative and anti-gunner Eric Swalwell. From a weird, virulent, and contagious virus that shut down the country, to massive ammunition shortages, to rioting in the streets, 2020 sucked like a collapsing star. But all was not terrible in the world of Guns & Gadgets Daily, including our sister publications Freedom’s Lodge, Current Homesteading, Popular Outdoorsman, and Popular EDC. We gave away over $50,000 in guns and gear, and we hope we gave you a few laughs along the way. So without further ado, here’s the $%!@ Year 2020 In Review!

January 2020:

Your intrepid Guns & Gadgets Daily team heads to Las Vegas, NV–where gun and gear manufacturers from around the world, including Wuhan, China, converge–for the yearly Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show. We come home very sick with something that tests negative for the flu. How shall we continue to serve our readers while we cough uncontrollably? Let’s give away $5k in guns and gear, of course!

February 2020:

Joe Biden refers to a reporter as a “lying, dog-face pony soldier.” The whole world wonders what that means…but your humble reporter figured it out. As it turns out, Dog-Face Pony Soldier is actually a sentient figment of Biden’s imagination. I was able to score an exclusive interview with Dog Face Pony Soldier, and he explained it all. It was a little confusing, but we decided the best way to handle the situation was to give some guns and gear away.

March 2020:

The uniquely contagious coronavirus known as COVID-19 shuts the entire country down for…well, some of it is still shut down. When America sorta-reopens, its gun owners discover that ammunition is now worth its weight not in gold, nor platinum, but toilet paper. Steyr Arms discovers a solution for coronavirus boredom, and for the first time in about a month we have a little chuckle.

Then we gave away a bunch of guns and gear. That helped us feel better, too.

April 2020:

Fun fact: In 2020, February had 29 days; March had 31; and April had 1,259. To stave off cabin fever, America turns to their streaming services, there to discover the exploits of a certain mulleted King of All Tigers. This inspired us to give away some guns and gear.

May 2020:

We launch two new websites for outdoors people: Current Homesteading and Popular EDC! Both sites are run by subject-matter experts, but that’s where the similarity ends. Current Homesteading is your go-to source for off-the-grid living, with everything you need to know to grow your own crops, forage for food, raise goats and chickens, make your own cheese and so, so much more. We challenge you to read one page of this site and not walk away thinking about buying some guinea hens!

Popular EDC, penned by Top Shot contestant and nationally famous firearms instructor Frank Melloni, gives you all the top tips for designing and maintaining the everyday-carry rig that’s perfect for you. You’ll also find gun and product reviews, shooting tips…and definitely some laughs.

June 2020:

As public schools everywhere turn to online learning, the Karens of the world discover that they can see into children’s homes, and that sometimes those children own toy guns. The Karens are pleased to learn that they can get the police to go visit the child’s home, but saddened to discover that it is, in fact, perfectly legal for a child to have a BB gun.

What does Guns & Gadgets Daily do about this (besides laugh really, really hard)? Why, we gave away some guns!

Alert readers may, at this point, be detecting a theme.

July 2020:

The rioting that began in June shows no sign of stopping and, what’s worse, politicians who should know better are threatening not the rioters, but the police. In response, Americans are buying guns in record numbers. This causes washed-up anti-gun actress Alyssa Milano to cry tears of pure Botox.

Not us, though. We just gave away some more guns.

August 2020:

In an unexpected win for gun-rights supporters everywhere, a California judge decides that it is, in fact, legal for Californians to own a Double-Barrel Magazine Extended Clip (DBMEC). “This is a tremendous victory for all who value the rule of law and preservation of individual liberties protected by the U.S. Constitution,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President of General Counsel.

“I’m so bored with this the ruling already,” whined Freedom’s Lodge’s Trace Munson, aka me. “I want to know when they’re going to let me have my extra-lethal body armor. Or my fully semi-automatic machine yeet cannons.”

September 2020:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passes on to her reward. Before the doctors pronounce time of death, speculation begins on who the next nomination will be. I propose a drinking game to make it all more fun for the rest of us! (I claim no responsibility for any alcohol poisoning or spontaneous liver combustion that may have resulted from this game.)

October 2020:

The election is heating up to a white-hot glow, the popcorn is popping, and the master debaters are doing what they do best. Meanwhile, despite their public support for anti-gun Joe Biden, registered Democrats are buying all the guns that Biden is promising to ban.

It’s confusing, it’s bizarre, and COVID-19 gathering restrictions are still limiting Second Amendment supporters from showing their strength in person. What to do? Well, we just gave away some guns and gear. (It’s kind of our thing.)

November 2020:

Did something exciting happen in November? BECAUSE I COULDN’T TELL. (I was too busy helping give away $15,000 worth of guns and gear to 127 winners.)

We also proposed a cool idea for parting anti-gunners from their money, since it seems to be so very easy to do.

December 2020:

The year 2020 has been a bear (to say the least), but there are some reasons to be merry this holiday season: 2020 is almost over, there’s a COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon, and (most importantly), we here at Guns & Gadgets Daily have two days left to enter our Happy Holidays II $3K Gun & Gear Giveaway! Through midnight EST December 31, 2020, we’re offering a giveaway package that will make one lucky winner’s holidays very merry indeed.

Click here to enter!

The Happy Holidays II $3K Gun & Gear Giveaway centers the Magnum Research Desert Eagle MR1911 chambered in .45ACP, one of America’s favorite handguns–as re-imagined by one of America’s favorite firearms designers. Ed Brown is here to keep your Eagle fed with six of the best 1911 magazines on the market, and Legion Targets brings you awesome steel targets to get that Eagle trained. Of course, no Desert Eagle is complete without its roost, so our friends at CrossBreed will send a secure and comfy chest rig, executive belt, mag carriers and cool merchandise for you and your Eagle. Of course, Eagles do scream…and that’s when AXIL‘s cutting-edge hearing protection comes in. As an added bonus, XDMAN himself has thrown in a $250 gift certificate for you (and if you’d like to know how much fun that will be, just click here).

Did we forget something? Get one finger on each hand up, and use them to type out your “best” 2020 memory!




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