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How to Carry Concealed in Sweatpants (Starring CrossBreed Holsters)



Sweatpants Nation is now issuing uniforms.

We citizens of Sweatpants Nation do solemnly declare that we will CCW in comfort…

I’m going to admit that this whole coronavirus quarantine thing has its upsides, chief among which is the fact that my daily uniform has become all of America’s: We are all citizens of Sweatpants Nation now. Sweatpants Nation is a pretty comfy place, and (despite the best efforts of the governments of New York and Illinois) still very much a Second Amendment nation. The fact that those sweatpants aren’t a whole lot better at concealing a firearm than a blushing bride’s negligee changes nothing, because Sweatpants Nation carries concealed if and when we choose. Yes, it’s possible, and CrossBreed Holsters is here to show us how.

According to the Sweatpants Nation Quartermasters at CrossBreed:

“Enter the belly band, stage right. The beauty of a belly band is it’s a geniusly-designed, self-contained, pants-agnostic holster system that works with a variety of clothing options – good and awful – and keeps your firearm at the ready any time. And it’s fully customizable to your girth (or svelte shape, if that’s your thing) and choice of firearms.

The ultimate belly band holster starts with a wide stretch, heavy duty band that is infinitely adjustable to match any body size and type. This is essential because it needs to be snug enough to remain firmly in place during activities, even if those activities are just going from the couch to the fridge, but certainly, if you venture out and go for a walk, a jog, or a short trip to the “essential” store for supplies. Beer is an essential supply, right? Thought so.

Next, you need a good Kydex holster that firmly attaches to the band and holds the firearm tightly, fully protecting the trigger from accidental discharge. Fortunately – almost like this was planned – good belly band systems include this. And where do you position said holster? Anywhere you please! The beauty of a belly band is you can put the firearm in front, back, side, high, low, wherever it works best for you.”

Here’s some cool news for Sweatpants Nation: Until May 8, you can win an awesome selection of gun-concealment strategies from CrossBreed Holsters (including a $200 gift card!) with our Stay Home, Stay Safe $4.5K Guns & Gear Giveaway! Featuring a Steyr Scout chambered in .223 Rem., a Taurus Judge chambered in .45 Long Colt/ .410 bore, one case of Federal ammo to feed each gun, a Viridian SERAC Rifle Scope 3.5-10×40, a Gold Membership in the Personal Defense Network, and storage solutions from Thyrm, this is our most comprehensive home-defense giveaway yet. Click here to enter!

Not sure how to make the belly band work for you? Check out this cool video from CrossBreed:



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