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Honest Review: KFI Impala Plus Shotgun



In today’s Honest Review, I’m evaluating an all-new arrival on the firearm scene! Nimble, customizable, solidly fitted and finished, and devastatingly effective: that’s the KFI Impala Plus shotgun. This inertia-driven semi-automatic 12 ga. scattergun is suited for hunting, competition, or just leisurely shooting … and, if you’ll forgive the pun, it offers a lot of bang for the buck. Here’s what I found in my evaluation.

Meet the Impala Herd

KFI Firearms offers versions of the Impala Plus from mild to wild. Finishes are offered in both Cerakote and water transfer printing; the Cerakote versions are offered in many popular colors with accenting furniture. Alternately, the water transfer printing “hydro dipping” creates Impalas that look like carbon fiber, photorealistic camouflages, even stuff like a woodland skull pattern. Both methods are done entirely in-house for the best factory finishes I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Impalas are offered with wood or polymer furniture depending on your wants and needs. For barrel lengths you will find options from 24, 26, 28, 30, and 32 inches.

The Impala Plus has a capacity of either 2+1 or 4+1, depending on whether the included shell limiter is installed. The shotgun is capable of using both 2¾- and 3-inch magnum shells. The one I tested is the 26”-barrel version of the Impala Plus, which weighs in at 6½ lbs. with an overall length of 49½”.

What’s in the Box?

  • Shot Gun
  • 5 Chokes (Full, Improved Modified, Modified, Improved Cylinder, and Cylinder)
  • Choke tool
  • Sling
  • Sling swivel set
  • 5 stock adjustment wedges
  • ¼” stock extension
  • Safety Lock

Fit and Finish

The first thing I noticed was the solid but lightweight feeling of the gun. The weight is mainly due to the aluminum receiver which saves critical ounces. Remember every ounce saved feels like pounds in the field. As for longevity, Impala Plus shotguns use a cool system of an aluminum receiver that has two stainless steel rails mounted on the inside. The hardened steel bolt never contacts the aluminum receiver—it rides on the polished rails instead. The result is a smooth-cycling bolt that also keeps abrasion and wear down, the best of both worlds.


The Impala Plus is slim and lightweight compared to other shotguns. Balanced on the receiver, right at the bolt release, it feels good in the hand. There are no sharp edges or areas to get caught on. When you bring the gun to your shoulder it rises and tracks the target as well as any other high-end shotgun.

I will say that I love the soft recoil pad, dare I call it luxurious? Even with a magnum load, the rubber buttpad helps with felt recoil. The trigger was nothing to write home about, but after a couple boxes, it smoothed out and was acceptable in the 5-lb. range. As far as reliability, all the adults I let shoot an Impala never had an issue. I did have a middle-schooler give it a try (under close supervision, of course) and noted that a less-than-solid shooting stance can cause cycling issues … but once I worked with the youngster for a few minutes on their stance and grip, the issue resolved.

As far as accuracy, this gun sure as heck outshoots me! I watched good skeet shooters go to town with an Impala blasting targets with ease. My best way to test accuracy was shooting at steel targets, and at distances of 25 yards at least most of the pattern seemed concentrated just above the front sight dot.


Instead of using gas to power the action, the Impala Plus’ inertia system uses the recoil from the shot to cycle the action. This offers a lot of advantages. Having a simpler mechanism means that parts are less likely to break, have to be serviced, or replaced. With no heavy and bulky gas cylinders, pistons, or components, the forearm is slimmer and the shotgun as a whole balances and tracks better. Unlike “gas guns,” inertia guns shoot all the soot and carbon out of the barrel, meaning less cleaning in-between shooting.

Customization Comes Standard

Out of the box the Impala Plus is one of the most customizable shotguns around. All polymer-stocked Impalas come with a removable cheek comb riser. By removing the buttpad and one extra screw, the cheek riser can be removed for a more traditional straight comb stock. In my opinion the cheek riser felt more comfortable and was reminiscent of the Magpul shotgun stocks.

The length of pull of my Impala was right at 14½”, which was comfortable for me. If you prefer something longer, you can use the included ¼” spacer.

Finally something that you don’t find except in the most expensive brand of shotguns: KFI includes five receiver wedges that adjust the drop of the comb and the cast of the stock. Think of the drop of the comb as the tilt of the stock up or down. The Impala comes with one down wedge, one up wedge and a plus up wedge—if you’re feeling frisky, you can combine both up wedges.

Out of the box the Impala Plus has a neutral cast, which means the stock runs directly in line with the barrel. Both right and left cast shims are provided to custom-fit the gun for right- or left-handed shooters. Adding a slight cast away from the shooter’s head will more naturally align the shooter’s eye directly behind the center of the rib and sights. Basically, the shims are there to adjust the stock up, down, left, or right to allow the shooter’s eye the best sight picture without having to fight for it by squeezing or tilting your head to achieve it.

Manual and Support

Yes, these firearms are manufactured in Turkey, but the manual was written by English speakers, for English speakers. There are even pictures! Clear pictures! (Do you detect a note of excitement? Take it from a gun-store employee … a good manual is hard to find.) There is actual U.S. support for these shotguns. With a few steps you can assemble or disassemble any Impala shotgun without having to force things.


With lower cost firearms it always seems like they try to reinvent the wheel, and they sacrifice compatibility with any other firearms. Not so with KFI’s Impala plus. KFI did it right—not only are all the barrels threaded, but they use a very common choke tube pattern familiar to the US market. Also, remember that all Impala Plus shotguns come from the factory with five included chokes … that’s one heck of a deal. If you are a fan of optics on your shotguns, the top of the Impala receiver is threaded for a Winchester SXP scope base.

Final Impressions

I would not dare call an Impala Plus a bargain gun, more like the deal of the century. When it comes to the Impala Plus, it is a solid shotgun with quality and reliability that matches—even surpasses—the big names. Other guns at this level, like the popular Retay shotguns, can be double to triple the price of the Impala. If you really want to spend two or three times the MSRP, just get two or three Impala Pluses in different camos and barrel lengths. Wingshooting season is here … if you’re ready, so is the Impala Plus! MSRP $499;

—James Nicholas, Mr. UnPewFessional Himself!

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