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Building A Long-Range Hunting Rifle



While away the months to the next hunting season with a DIY project!

Building a reliable and accurate long-range rifle requires choosing a rifle and caliber that are best suited to your needs, the right ammo, the right spotting scope, rifle scope, the appropriate GPS, hunting apparel, footwear and other gear. With so many variables to think about, trust the online marketplace to help find all the right components for your next long-range hunting rifle.

Why Choose for a Long-Range Build?

The online marketplace hosts many thousands of hunting rifle sales and auctions every day. Whether you are looking for an antique flintlock or a customized DPMS 308 rifle, there is a good chance you can find listings from sellers on Plus, there are thousands of additional auctions and sales for ammo, optics, camo, and a wide selection of accessories. Basically, it is like the world’s largest gun show, but it is open all day, every day.

Go for Distance by Choosing an Old-School 30-06 Rifle

If you appreciate both old-school designs and a trustworthy long-range cartridge, check for a 30-06 rifle. There are dozens of reputable brands such as Tikka, Browning, Savage, Ruger, Mossberg, Ohio Ordnance, Winchester, Parker Hale, Thompson Center and more to choose from. If you are looking for a stellar high-performance cartridge for long-range shooting, you have plenty of options, including the 6.5 Creedmoor, 26 and 28 Nosler, and the old faithful 308 Winchester. That said, the 30-06 Springfield was hitting targets past 1000 meters before any of those other cartridges were a gleam in the manufacturer’s eye. With all sorts of 30-06 rifles and 30-06 ammunition options being bought and sold on, it remains a viable choice for long-distance hunting.

Trust the Tried and True 308 Winchester

The 30-06 Springfield is not only a forerunner of the 308 Winchester, but it is actually a direct ancestor. In many ways, the 308 Winchester is simply a sized-down 30 06. Decades of technical progress in cartridge performance and more efficient, powerful propellants mean that the 308 Winchester remains a robust and effective round. You will almost certainly be able to find a vast collection of hunting rifles chambered in 308 Winchester listed for sale or auction on If you are looking to build a different tack-driving rifle chambered in 308 Winchester, the PTR 91 is proving an increasingly popular choice. In addition to being a tried and true steel-ringer, the PTR 91 provides you with the opportunity to charge your rifle via the HK slap. That alone makes it an excellent selection for long-range hunting.

Gun Parts on

If you’re looking for gun-parts, has a wide-range of parts. Both new and used, sellers list just about everything. Here’s a place that makes it easy to find gun parts and if you want any individual part, just search for it on

Pick up everything you need for a long-distance rifle build at online marketplace. In addition to all the listings, you will also find a huge variety of ammunition, parts, clothing, accessories, and much more.




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