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BAM: MighTea Twisted! $1.8K Gun & Gear Giveaway Starts NOW




Our latest giveaway in honor of our favorite viral video (and the can of whoop-ass that made it possible)…

One of the best laughs of 2020 came in the form of a viral video starring two men, a highly inflammatory racial word, and a can of alcoholic tea. In that video, we learned a few things: One, that if you invite someone to “smack you,” that they might very well do so; and two, that the second-most-impressive weapon in existence is a 20-oz. can of hard tea. We here at GGD noticed something important about that video, and that is that many Americans cannot defend themselves (or provide a “smack” as requested) due to their local OC–that’s “Open Container,” of course–laws.

If you’re one of those Americans, take heart: From now through February 15, we’re giving away the first-most-impressive defensive tool! That, of course, would be a Magnum Research Big, Fine Revolver (BFR) chambered in .44 Magnum and rocking a 5-inch barrel. Don’t worry, Cowboy…we’re giving away Space Cowboy holster for your BFR from Magnum Research. We’re also giving away some top-notch hearing pro from AXIL…and a gift card from XDMAN so you can camouflage your BFR as a can of tea for extra deterrence.

Entering the MighTea Twisted $1.8K Gun & Gear Giveaway is simple and free! Just click here, give us your contact information, and wait to get mighty twisted!

A complete listing of the prize package on offer is below. Enter now–and good luck!

1. Magnum Research BFR, .44 Magnum Revolver, Stainless Steel valued at $1,302.00

2. BFR Space Cowboy Holster – Short Cylinder 7.5″ Barrel valued at $139.99

3. Axil GS Extreme All-in-one Earbuds w/ Bluetooth Valued at $199.99

4.  XDMan Gift Card Valued at $250.00