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Is Stoeger’s STR-9 MC Better Than Glock’s 48?



The Stoeger STR-9 is a proven platform for defense-minded shooters, and the MC part of its name stands for “micro compact.” Perfected for concealed carry (CCW), the Stoeger STR-9 MC is available in four models: with and without a 13-round mag; with and without an optics-cut plate. Regardless of which model you choose, all four weigh 18.5 oz. unloaded, and all four are 6.1″ long, putting the STR-9 MC into the same category as the Glock 48. But how does it stack up against the Glock?

In this terrific video from GSquared Tactical (You should like and subscribe), you’ll see why gun writers and enthusiasts alike are discovering the secret of the STR-9 MC: It’s remarkably fun and easy to shoot. That’s really saying something when you’re talking about a micro compact gun chambered in 9mm, but the near-universal feedback is that the trigger is fantastic and the gun’s ergonomics even better.

The ergonomic polymer frame with its finger grooved grip, strategically placed stippling patches, and serrated backstrap provide exceptional grip and hand placement for optimal muzzle control. The magazine release button is reversible to accommodate right- or left-hand shooters, and a loaded chamber indicator atop the slide lets you know when a round is in the chamber, eliminating the need for awkward press checks. This feature-rich defensive handgun has a suggested retail price of $399-$479 (depending on whether you’d like it pre-cut for an optic), so that means you’ll be able to find it at dealers for less. For more information, or to get one of your own, click here!


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