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Florida Man Realizes He’s in Florida, Moves Gun Factory to NC



Rob Pincus is a whirlwind force in the firearms industry who never settles for the status quo … and that’s why Avidity Arms and its flagship pistol, the PD10, have moved to North Carolina. It’s a win for Pincus, for Avidity, for the pistols, and for you.

Florida Man  

The original PD10s were manufactured in Florida, but Pincus realized that (as with so many things in life) the first step was to get out of Florida. It wasn’t just because nobody wants to be “Florida Man.”

In Florida the development of the pistol required dozens of vendors throughout the country. This required some hand fitting that made for a great pistol, but also made for a heftier price tag than Pincus prefers. They say that if you want something done right, you should do it yourself, so Pincus picked up stakes and moved to North Carolina. Now, instead of trying to manage dozens of vendors, everything is controlled under one roof. This consolidation back in 2022 is the main reason Avidity was able to finally release the PD10 to the market.

Attention Collectors!

You have a chance to get in on the ground floor and grab up a collectible pistol before they fetch collectible prices! The interesting part of the move is that before Avidity Arms moved from Florida to North Carolina, they ordered a batch of pistol frames. The ATF requires manufacturers to mark pistol frames with the serial number, manufacture, and location. Those frames were stamped “Florida,” but after that original batch, all current PD10s are marked with the North Carolina origin. While it may seem trivial, collectors will jump at the opportunity to snatch up a pistol that is technically pre-production. To further differentiate the pistols, Rob has also retired the original serial number prefix and range. The original “Florida” guns were all grey frames with the original serial number PD10xxxx range. The current release guns from North Carolina now use the prefix A1xxxx for the black frames and NCxxxx for the grey frames.

Rob Pincus has shown his tenacity when it came to bringing the PD10 and Avidity Arms to market. He’s the first to admit that it was a long, winding road. As a collector myself, I am reminded about other firearms companies that have come and gone just recently. Hudson, Honor Defense, the USFA Zip Gun … just to name a few. As a collector either way you win, if Avidity Arms ceases to exist, you will have the rarest of the rare.

Says Pincus, “I know that there are people in the gun community who love having novelty niche rare collectibles. Thirty, 40, 60 years from now, Avidity Arms is going to be a bigger company doing all kinds of things. And some few select people who got lucky are going to have a rare piece of history from the gestation of Avidity Arms.”

Place Your Bets

That said, if I were a gambling man, I wouldn’t bet against Pincus. Rob’s plan for Avidity Arms is to create a variety of bespoke firearms, all focused on home and personal defense. Following the successful launch of the PD10, Rob is already growing Avidity Arms by announcing his take on the AR15. (He expects it will be available for pre-order by late January 2024.) Pincus has also designed a shotgun that he would also like to start the process on developing. After decades of working with new and experienced shooters alike, Pincus “designs guns based on the experience of working with those students, making firearms for them.”

In case you are wondering these, “Florida” PD10s are meant to be used, and come with the same warranty, packaging, and parts as current pistols. For all intents and purposes, the pistols are the same, except that there are a limited quantity of “Florida” guns with the retired serial number. Rob let me know that dealers can order direct from Avidity and can request “Florida” pistols if that’s what they want … but once they’re gone, they’re gone. Even if you are not a dealer, you can still jump on the opportunity to own one of these rare “Florida” PD10 pistols. They are available at, ready to ship to your local dealer.

–James “XDMAN” Nicholas Mr. UnPewFessional Himself!


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