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4 Tips For Keeping the Secret Of Concealed Carry



Now that you have got your concealed carry, and have fully learned and understood how to use it, you might want to figure out how you can carry and conceal it. Carrying it sounds something extremely simple. You just have to keep it with you at all time. However, concealing your firearm can be something quite troublesome. This is because you might feel the need to adjust your concealed gun over and over again, and you might not be able to do it in public. Moreover, concealing can also get frustrating if there is no private spot nearby where you can do your concealed carry adjustments. However, we have compiled some tips and tricks that you may follow to keep your secret of concealed carry from getting out.

Some tips that can help you in concealing your gun are as follows:

Get a Good Holster

There are several different types of holsters in the market. It is a good idea to get one if you have a concealed carry. A holster with a perfect grip would make sure your concealed gun stays in place. You would not have to worry about adjusting your handgun time and time again if you get a tight holster that you can wear easily on your body. However, make sure it’s not uncomfortable, or too tight. Know your comfort, and buy one accordingly. Here are the types of holsters that you can get to keep the secret of concealed carry:

  • Outside of the waistband’ holster: This type of holster is excellent when you want to carry and conceal a full-sized handgun. It sticks close to your waist, and tightly secures the gun in its place. However, it is not for everyone, because different people have different body styles.
  • ‘Inside the waistband’ holster: This type of holster is smaller than ‘outside the waistband’ one. This is going to conceal your gun a lot better as it stays inside your waistband.
  • Ankle holster: Ankle holster would give you perfect coverage in terms of concealing a firearm. However, it might not be ideal for you if you lack practice in taking out your gun fast.
  • Shoulder holster: You would have to wear a big jacket to cover your conceal carry if you are wearing a shoulder holster. This is excellent as it would enable you to quickly take out your gun and pull the trigger if you bump into a bad guy.

Stop It From Printing

You must learn how to stop your concealed carry from printing. You can do this by getting a good holster, but a holster is not enough to keep your concealed carry from printing or sticking out. It is important that you get the right size of handgun. For instance, instead of getting a full-sized gun, get an M&P Shield. Make sure you figure out your body style first, and then get the right firearm for yourself. You must know what type of handgun you can conceal carry best.

Moreover, it is also important for you to wear an appropriate attire to conceal carry your gun. Consider wearing a large-sized shirt, sweatshirt or even a jacket if it’s not that hot in your area.

Concealing In Your Vehicle

There are so many ways in which you can keep your concealed carry a secret. One is to hide your handgun in your vehicle. Sometimes you might end up having to go to places where guns are not allowed. In such cases, you need to know an alternate way of keeping your concealed carry a secret.

You can conceal your firearm by having a case or a pouch in your car where you can keep your gun and hide it under your seat. Make sure you also put your holster inside so nothing hints a concealed carry inside your vehicle.

Show Permit To Police But Don’t Take the Gun Out

If you are stopped by the police while you’re on the road, make sure you don’t take your concealed carry out. Just tell the police that you are carrying one and show them the permit. You never know when someone spots your gun so make sure you keep your concealed carry hidden.

Now that you know how to keep your concealed carry a secret, make sure you get the right training so you can take it out timely and protect yourself while you’re outside.


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