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KFI’s Impala: Swift, Nimble, Hard-Hitting & All New!



Call it the Scattergun Dilemma.

So often, we shotgunners are expected to either settle for so-so performance from an affordable shotgun, or to pay the equivalent of a used car for a fine, well-appointed piece. KFI Firearms ends the Scattergun Dilemma with the introduction of its all-new KFI Impala Plus 12-gauge. Like the sleek, lightning-fast impala from which its name is drawn, the Impala Plus inertia-driven semi-automatic shotgun boasts beautiful balance, impressive quality, excellent downrange performance … and a price tag for everyone.

The magic starts with a receiver machined from lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum, shaving off ounces while maintaining rocket-ship ruggedness. Dual-purpose stainless-steel rails slotted within the receiver provide added rigidity and excellent anti-abrasion contact with the bolt. As for that bolt, unlike other shotguns (of any price), the Impala Plus uses a patented six-lug design which offers more locking surface and assurance.

This fine Turkish shotgun’s barrel is constructed of top-quality 4140 steel—what’s more, each and every barrel is magnetic particle tested to 1.550 BAR. The large-bore design reduces friction and kickback while providing excellent patterning. The gun comes with included Full, Improved Modified, Modified, Improved Cylinder, and Skeet chokes. The high-ribbed barrel is topped with a unique sighting system: removable, snap on sights from TruGlo, which offer unmatched visibility in all shooting conditions.

Comfort is critical for success, and its inertia-driven action gives the Impala a soft-shooting base from which to build. Next, the Impala Plus is outfitted with a recoil pad crafted of a special shock-absorbing material. It also boasts a Monte Carlo-style cheek riser for that perfect fit, which further reduces felt recoil.

The Impala Plus is impressive even as you unbox it—you can see the fit and finish that have gone into this firearm. Its classic style and fine balance come alive as you bring it to your shoulder. However, it’s the performance and reliability that will amaze you. This shotgun’s 3” chamber cycles reliably with everything from lightweight target loads to heavy-hitting waterfowl shells. Best of all, it handles and balances as beautifully as hand-made scatterguns that retail for five times the price of the Impala.

The Impala Plus is currently available in five finishes: black, carbon, Realtree Bottomland, Realtree Max-5, and Realtree MOBUS. Each model offers a 24” barrel and 4+1 ammo capacity. All KFI firearms come with a five-year warranty … and all are available for $599 MSRP. No, that is not a misprint. If that price seems too good to be true, we challenge you to pick one up and see why early reviewers are already calling the Impala Plus “the greatest bargain in semi-auto shotguns today.” Check out this terrific review from noted shooter and writer Randy Wakeman see it in action, and for more information, or to find a dealer near you, visit

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Kahr Firearms PM9, Matte Stainless Slide w/ Night Sights
Kahr Firearms

PM9, Matte Stainless Slide w/ Night Sights

9mm, 6+1 capacity, black polymer frame, matte stainless slide with night sightsPM9093NA (3.1″ Barrel) 

KFI Firearms Impala Plus Nero S
KFI Firearms

Impala Plus Nero S

Maximum performance, optimum presentation. Solid, rugged polymer stock is ready to work in all conditions. Simplicity of black that goes with everything.

Shooting Targets USA Triple Threat Torso & Signature Stand
Shooting Targets USA

Triple Threat Torso & Signature Stand

The Triple Threat Target can handle all handguns and most rifles. The Triple Threat target has 3 uniquely sized target zones to challenge you. A direct hit will swing the paddle out, another hit will swing it back. All Targets surfaces are waterjet cut from 3/8” thick Rifle rated AR500. The target seats onto the heavy duty target stand base. The edges face the shooter for minimal surface area to distract you from your target and is able to stand up to a beating from missed shots.

JX Tactical Gift Certificate
JX Tactical

Gift Certificate

Use this gift card to go shopping at

Fiocchi Defense Dynamics Buckshot

Defense Dynamics Buckshot

Fiocchi’s Defense Buckshot is the most effective way to stop a threat. Our buckshot is a powerhouse of a round, delivering nine (9) lead pellets at 1,250 fps with every round fired. When it comes to shotgun ammunition for home defense, there is no better option than Fiocchi. We engineer for effective home defense and high-performance that really delivers! (1 Case valued at $257)

Gatorz Delta Ballistics – Shooting Day Eyewear

Delta Ballistics – Shooting Day Eyewear

Non-polar optimal contrast, highlighting reds and oranges and enhancing detail. Best for sunny days. Visible Light Transmission (VLT) – 20%. A versatile look, the Delta offers the perfect combination of function and style. Delta keeps you looking good, whatever life throws at you.

Gatorz Delta Gold Mirror Eyewear

Delta Gold Mirror Eyewear

The Delta features a square shaped frame and larger lenses. This unisex frame is large enough to comfortably fit a mans face while offering a look that’s also desirable for women. A versatile look, the Delta offers the perfect combination of function and style. Delta keeps you looking good, whatever life throws at you.

Coda Evolution Lightening Carbon Fiber Handguard
Coda Evolution

Lightning Carbon Fiber Handguard

The Lightning handguard is a massive leap forward in handguard design. Stronger – Thinner – Lighter. The one-piece carbon fiber handguard and rock-solid mounting system improves accuracy and consistency in any style of shooting. Your firearm will thank you!

ATC AR GOLD AR Gold Adjustable Trigger (AR-15, AR-10)

AR Gold Adjustable Trigger (AR-15, AR-10)

The AR Gold has been proven to be the ultimate AR Platform trigger for military, LE, competition, hunting and more. It is the singular best improvement to your AR-15. The AR Gold is a unique approach to the dated trigger functionality of stock AR-15’s and other competitors.

Civivi Maxwell Fixed Blade Knife G10 Handle (4.74″ D2 Blade)

Maxwell Fixed Blade Knife G10 Handle (4.74″ D2 Blade)

Black G10 Handle / Black Stonewashed D2 C21040-1

PACT Timer Club Timer III
PACT Timer

Club Timer III

The PACT Club Shot Timer III is an excellent shooting timer which is Guaranteed to Improve Your Shooting and help you beat your buddies. The Club Timer III like all PACT products, is purpose built by shooters for shooters, made by us here in the USA and backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

JX Tactical Fat Guy Holster®
JX Tactical

Fat Guy Holster®

The JX Tactical Fat Guy holster is the IWB, appendix carry solution that larger built customers have been asking for. Featuring dual soft loops to provide you with security and piece of mind that your holster isn’t going anywhere. Each holster has built-in adjustable retention, cant, and ride height allowing you to dial in your holster for that perfect fit. Choose from any available color option and includes all three attachments (soft loops, standard clip, and Ulticlip).

Coda Evolution Fury Titanium Compensator 
Coda Evolution

Fury Titanium Compensator

No one likes a mouth full of bugs, sand, dirt, and grit. A Fury comp won’t blast it at you if you are firing from a prone position. Our side and up ports direct gases away from the ground so when your muzzle is only a few inches off the ground you can still count on those quick follow up shots instead of eyes full of debris.

Coda Evolution MLOK PET ( Personal Equipment Tag )- MLOK Compatible ID Tag
Coda Evolution

MLOK PET ( Personal Equipment Tag )- MLOK Compatible ID Tag

Add Custom Messaging to all of your gear! The Coda Evolution’s PET (Personal Equipment Tag) attaches with M-Lok fasteners. It comes with 2 nuts and 2 bolts. Use the PET id tag to easily differentiate your PCC rifle from your 5.56/.223 AND….it’s great for “personal branding” too!

Coda Evolution Swift PCC Magpouch
Coda Evolution

Swift PCC Magpouch

It is an outside-the-waistband magazine pouch of robust construction. Suitable for the rigors of PCC competition or any other time you have need to carry additional, extended-length magazines for your PCC. The Swift Pouch features multiple mounting holes, so users can adjust the cant of the magazine pouch to suit his or her preference. Mounting holes are Tek-Lok and ELS compatible (Tek-Lok and ELS mounting hardware not included).

Gatorz Ammo Can Case (for sunglasses)

Ammo Can Case (for sunglasses)

Protect your GATORZ with this Ammo Can Sunglass case. This is a fully functional miniature ammo can with a removable foam insert that was engineered to hold every pair of GATORZ sunglasses.


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