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Tips to Turn Non-Shooters and Newbies into Happy Customers



As every range owner knows, it’s easy to reach those who are already into hunting, shooting or guns in general, but much harder with people who don’t have any experience with firearms, don’t have much interest in them or don’t like the idea of shooting at all.

Perhaps they are curious about shooting or maybe they want to get a weapon for self-defense. Whatever the reason, it is possible to connect with them and hopefully turn them into regular customers.

Here are some of the best ways to connect with people falling into this category:

Don’t Rush Them

People tend to want to try something new when somebody friendly takes their time explaining the experience to them and answering any questions or concerns.

Remember when you held and fired your first ever gun. You probably learned about firearm safety and maybe also about range etiquette from a parent or whoever was with you at the time, before you were even allowed to handle the firearm under the careful watch of your companion.

Your role has switched now and it’s up to you to connect with the new shooter in front of you, sharing your expertise and advice.

Now this is going to be easier with someone who is just new to shooting and curious and who doesn’t have any unfavorable opinions on the subject, but it’s possible to change their mind too.

Patient, personal, friendly instruction can work with such people and you could include some positives in your conversation, such as how carrying a concealed weapon can be helpful or ways in which hunting can be good for the environment.

Expect Basic Questions

Quoting the second amendment isn’t likely to convert a newbie or shooting naysayer into a supportive or responsible gun owner.

It’s better to answer all the questions they have and expect some very basic questions. If they don’t have anything to ask, it’s up to you to ask about their beliefs and wants and then you can talk them through the simplest parts of gun ownership without going into confusing detail.

If you don’t have the time to deal with these customers, teach your staff, or even family and friends, how to be helpful and deal with newbies. After all, convincing someone to buy a firearm or try shooting might mean they love it and become regular customers.

What if They Say No?

It goes without saying that some people have a very negative opinion about firearms and not everyone is going to be swayed by your arguments about responsibility, safety and freedom.

Don’t take it personally – you can’t win them all! Not everyone wants to be a gun owner and everyone makes their own choice.

Just let them know you’re happy they stopped by and hope they will think on it some more and come back sometime. You aren’t going to win over every potential customer but using these tips means you have a much better chance at winning over some.

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