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Let’s Play Supreme Court Nomination Bingo (Now With More Misogyny!)



Look, the anti-gunners have a new woman to hate!

The Trump administration has just announced Judge Amy Coney Barrett as the nominee to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s empty Supreme Court seat, and you Second Amendment supporters know what that means: It’s time to play Supreme Court Nomination Bingo! Unlike the Supreme Court Nomination Drinking Game, Supreme Court Nomination Bingo won’t cause alcohol poisoning. What it will do is prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that misogyny is real and pervasive in America…and that anti-gunners are the worst of the worst when it comes to woman-hating.

If President Trump thinks that nominating a woman is going to get the gun-grabbers to take it easy on the rape accusations, he has another think coming (and you’ll know when it hits because he’ll Tweet it). Women who dare to stray from the anti-gun narrative are treated far more harshly by the press than men. If you don’t believe me, just ask Sarah Palin.

Remember when they made a website to attack her newborn baby

So, without any further ado, let’s set up our Supreme Court Nomination Bingo board!

Under the B!

  • An unbylined Associated Press article that refers to Judge Coney entirely by her first name as if she were a child
  • Politico publishes a report citing an anonymous source that Judge Coney cheated on her bar exam
  • Alyssa Milano and her terrible plastic surgery announce that if nominated, Judge Coney will turn America into The Handmaid’s Tale

Under the I!

  • “Grassroots protest” in D.C. against Judge Coney by October 2; protesters arrive by identical chartered buses and carry identical and professionally made protest signs
  • Subsequent surge in COVID-19 infections will be reported as Trump’s fault for nominating someone who makes anti-gunners angry
  • Alyssa Milano and her I’m serious, who’s your surgeon, Sweeney Todd? announce that if nominated, Judge Coney will personally show up at your house to put a burkha on you

Under the N!

Under the G!

  • A mainstream media publication runs an above-the-fold story alleging that Judge Coney is a rapist
  • A mainstream media publication runs an above-the-fold story alleging that Judge Coney is a racist
  • A mainstream media publication runs an above-the-fold story alleging that Judge Coney is a plagiarist 

Under the O!

Get your markers out, kids, because it’s almost time for BINGO…and the prize is getting to watch gun-grabbers show their true hatred for any woman who dares to ignore their anti-gun party line.





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