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9 New Stoeger Shotguns You Want (at Very Collectible Prices)



Depicted: Stoeger M3000

Stoeger’s Model 3000 and P3000 shotguns have been around for a while, garnering a well-deserved reputation for reliability and value, but that wasn’t good enough for Stoeger. The company’s recently announced some new, improved features for 2023. The meat and potatoes of Stoeger’s shotgun line, the M3000 and P3000 series, provides hunters—from dove to duck to deer and everything in between—a reliable, economical shotgun that will always perform and stand up to the toughest conditions.

For 2023, the M3000 line sports nine new-and-improved semi-automatic 12-gauge shooters. New recoil pads and removable cheek pieces on all models except the satin walnut and satin walnut/Burnt Bronze models ensure maximum comfort and customization. Stoeger engineers also went to work on the lines’ overall ergonomics—the grip has been thinned, and the look is less boxy and more streamlined. More prominent controls increase functionality, especially when wearing bulky gloves, and a slimmer magazine cap with improved grip makes disassembly a breeze. The bolt handle has been enlarged for increased functionality, and the beveled loading port makes reloading a quick affair.

At the heart of the M3000 series is the Inertia Driven System—a clean, no-fail gasless system that never needs adjusting and delivers ultra-consistent cycling year after year, load to load. M3000 shotguns come with a vented rib, red-front sight bar, and IC, M, and XFT chokes.

Those looking to save a few more greenbacks and still get undeniable Stoeger performance should raise an eyebrow at the P3000 pump. For 2023, this get-it-done shotgun features improved ergonomics and will handle any 12-gauge load from 2 3/4- to 3-inch magnums. A barrel extension reaches deep into the receiver, which boosts the longevity of the action, and makes cycling silky smooth. The pistol grip is inset with a stylish Stoeger logo cap, and the P3000’s integrated swivel stud ensures rapid sling attachment.

Hunters looking for a tried-and-true duo that has stood the test of time will find in the M3000 and P3000 shotgun series has everything they need and nothing they don’t. Find yours here!

The new-for-2023 M3000 series includes:

Model M3000 – 12-Gauge, 3″ – Satin walnut (#36020) MSRP: $619

Model M3000 – 12-Gauge, 3″ – Black synthetic (#36016, 28-in. barrel), (#36018, 26-in. barrel), (#36047, 24-in. barrel) MSRP: $559

Model M3000 – 12-Gauge, 3″ – Mossy Oak Bottomland (#36006) MSRP: $619

Model M3000 – 12-Gauge, 3″ – Realtree Max-7 (#36023, 26-in. barrel), (#36017, 28-in barrel) MSRP: $619

Model M3000 – 12-Gauge, 3″ – Max-7/Burnt Bronze (#36045) MSRP: $669

Model M3000 – 12-Gauge, 3″ – Satin walnut/Burnt Bronze (#36052) MSRP: $669

Model P3000 – 12-Gauge, 3” – Realtree Max-7 (#36056, 28 in. barrel), (#36057, 26 in. barrel) MSRP: $389


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