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5 Ideas To Keep Your Gun Concealed In Your Car



Has your car ever been broken into? Well, it only takes one attempt to make you realize that if you’re a person who carries a sidearm then it’s not a very wise idea to leave your gun behind in your car. The person who’s trying to rob your car can be anyone. You, as a firearm owner, must be concerned with the concealment of your gun at all times. What if your firearm gets into the wrong hands?

The best option to be sure about your gun’s safety is to carry it around with yourself. However, you cannot take your gun to your work, or to a mall. There has to be an alternative to leaving your firearms in the car for anyone to notice it and take it. Here we discuss 5 very easily affordable and convenient ways to keep your gun concealed when you have no option but to leave it behind in your car.

1- Interiors Of Your Car

There are no gun safes in an ordinary car, but there are places which can be turned into possible gun vaults. Your glove compartment and in the pocket of your seat cover are some of the places you can safely leave your firearm behind. You can also keep your gun under the seat. That does not mean just leave it on the floor. You need to attach your gun to the underside of the seat with duct tape or zip ties. This will keep the gun hidden and out of the intruder’s reach even if someone looks under your seat.

2- Guitar Cases

If you’re a musical person, the concealment of your gun might not be a problem for you. You can buy a guitar case from a music store and keep our firearm as big as an AR-15 in it. What’s best about this option is that you can even walk around with your guitar case – now turned into a gun case – with you in public. If you hunt then you probably own a rifle or a big gun. It wouldn’t worry you now if you keep your gun in a guitar case and leave it behind in your car.

3- Tennis Cases

If not musical, then maybe you’re into sports and you play tennis perhaps. Well, people quite often use their specially padded cases made for keeping tennis rackets as their gun cases. You don’t need big gun vaults or gun safes in your car to leave behind a firearm as good and heavy as an AK with its folding stock. Like guitar cases, tennis cases can also be carried around without anyone suspecting the contents of it. You can get it out of your car when reach home or keep it in when you’re leaving without anyone throwing questioning glares at you.

4- Hollow Books

Remember those gangster movies when a character used to open a book only to pull out a pistol or a revolver out of it? Turns out it wasn’t all fiction. It’s actually a very neat idea to conceal your gun from public eyes. It doesn’t mean you smuggle your gun into venues and places where you’re not supposed to, but it sure does keep your revolver safe and discreet. Surprisingly, you’re not supposed to fashion one of these hollow books. These cases are available easily. People also use them for the safekeeping of their money.

5- Laptop Cases

Everyone has one of these. Well, laptop bags or cases can also be turned into carry around gun cases. Laptop cases come in a variety of materials. They can be those common padded laptop bags or they can be those fancy metallic cases which resemble sleek briefcases. People can easily fit their MP-5 into it without anyone raising doubts and concerns about what you’re carrying around with you in that laptop case. That way you don’t have to leave your gun behind in your car. This actually provides quite a safe custody of our guns.

Keeping and carrying a sidearm is not frowned upon. It’s the behavior of leaving it behind unattended that is questioned by the people and by authorities alike. Leaving your firearm, big or small, behind in car when you’re not in there is out of the question. However, even if you keep your gun in these cases and leave the cases behind in your car, and your car gets broken into then even concealing your gun doesn’t make much difference. Thus, consider safety measures that allow you to keep your gun concealed and within your reach at all times. This keeps you and the people around you safer.



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