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Triple Crown! Meet 2023’s Most-Awarded Riflescope



When all the professional shooters, hunters, and gunwriters are willing to actually pay their own money …

Here’s a little insider information about life as a gunwriter: The best way to tell whether we really like a new product or not is whether we beg the manufacturer to sell us the sample they sent us for testing, rather than asking us to return it. In 2023, most of the big names in the gun industry got a Burris Veracity PH scope … and nobody I know sent theirs back. In fact, the Burris Veracity PH has already won three editor’s choice awards, making it 2023’s most-awarded riflescope!

Let’s start with the Shoot On Excellence Award.

“The rifle scope marketplace is littered with high-magnification optics that allow shooters to send rounds downrange at distances never before possible,” said the editors of Shoot On. “Most of these scopes, though, demand high competency in manual ballistics compensation in order to deliver those long shots… The Burris Veracity PH scope, on the other hand, solves that problem with its dial-to-distance operation. No math and no guesswork as to the holdover. For the hunter who must range and shoot quickly under stress, the Veracity PH is the answer.”

How about the NRA’s American Hunter?

The prestigious title gave it a “Golden Bullseye” as Optic of the Year. “Have you ever failed to dial in a shooting solution fast enough, only to watch the buck of your dreams walk out of view? We have, too, which is why we love this scope,” they write. “The Veracity PH is a Bluetooth-enabled riflescope that works in tandem with a slick app called BurrisConnect. The combination allows you to dial elevation to correct for range to target then hold off for wind all while looking through the scope. All a hunter needs to do is determine distance.

“Inside the 4-20x50mm riflescope is a heads-up display (HUD) that shows in real time the distance, or MOA adjustment, that is being dialed to account for distance to target thanks to data of your rifle/cartridge combination being pushed to the scope by the app,” they continue. “Additionally, ballistically matched windage holds are made based on the wind speed you predetermine in the app. In fact, all ballistic or environmental values can be changed easily in the app at any time as field conditions change. All this eliminates the need to carry a ballistic chart or a calculator. A hunter simply ranges the target then, while looking through the scope, dials the elevation knob until the desired rage or MOA correction is shown on the HUD and picks the proper wind hold.”

Probably not the last (and certainly not the least), On Target magazine!

“My testing of the scope wasn’t scientific by any means because I judge scopes using the only instrument that matters to me — the standard-issue human eyeball,” says On Target. “I found the quality of the index-matched, multicoated glass to be quite good for a scope in this price category (MSRP $1,199) compared to scopes with a similar magnification range. The scope had very good clarity, color rendition, contrast, and edge-to-edge sharpness. Low-light performance was good, although fine, non-illuminated crosshairs can always be a challenge under very dark conditions. Tracking testing was on the mark. Overall, the scope edged out some more expensive scopes in my collection.”

The MSRP on this scope is $1,199, but you’ll probably be able to find it for less at dealers. For more information–or to find a dealer–click here!



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