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Buying A Used Rifle – What You Need To Know




Image courtesy of Geoffrey Fairchild


Buying anything secondhand is always a bit risky. Although, used products are cheaper as compared to the firsthand products, people do not want their secondhand products to be of low quality either. People always want to ensure that if they are investing in something, it should be durable.

The same goes when buying used rifles or any gun for that matter. Below are some of the tips to follow before buying a used rifle.

Pay Attention To Appearances

It is important to see the appearance of a used rifle before buying it. The appearance says a lot about how much care the gun has gotten from its previous owner/user. If the rifle is in pitiful condition, then it is better not to buy that rifle, no matter how attractive the price. You clearly one don’t want to waste money on something that may turn to be a waste.

Check the Bore/Barrel

Before buying a rifle, check its bore carefully. The inside of the bore should be clear of any stains and dents. Any sign of discoloration indicates that the barrel is choked due to rust. It should be noted that rust is not good for a rifle’s health as it damages the accuracy of the gun and creates trouble while firing.

Test the Trigger

Always ensure that the rifle does not have any bullets when you are testing the trigger. The trigger should work real smoothly and must not make odd sounds. It should also be devoid of any roughness and creeps.

There are specific triggers for target shooting and for hunting as well. Before buying a used rifle, search the internet thoroughly about the best triggers that are popularly used, so that you get a decent idea about which rifle is worth buying and which one is not.

Check the Stock

One of the most fundamental parts of a rifle is its stock. The shooter heavily depends on the stock while firing the gun. The stock should be solid and it should not be broken. Any kind of defect in the rifle can cause serious problem with its performance. Moreover, if the stock has scratches and scrapes around it, there is a good chance for the buyer to bargain and buy the used rifle at a lower price.

Inspect the State Of the Crown

While buying a used rifle, the crown should also be thoroughly inspected. Do remember that before you do this, the chamber should be totally empty. If the crown is clean, and shiny then the buyer can have more confidence that the crown is in perfect condition.

However, if the crown is oily then there is trouble. The crown should be clear of oil. Excessive oil in a crown can easily hamper the accuracy of a rifle, and any buyer of a rifle would not want that.

Check the Bolt

It is very easy to know if the bolt of the used rifle that you want to buy is reliable or not. The things that are needed to be considered while testing the crown are also the things to be considered while checking the bolt. The bolt should not be greasy and it should be clean. A dirty, broken bolt is something you must watch out for.

All of the above mentioned tips will ensure that your used rifle buying decision does not backfire on you (figuratively). These are essential if you want to make sure that you get a quality firearm. If you as the buyer feel that the rifle lacks something, then it is good for the buyer as he can easily bargain for a lower price or move on to another shop and look for a better rifle there.

Although, there are many online sites such as eBay and others rom where you can easily buy your desired used rifle, it is better to steer clear of these sites. Buy from a shop where you can actually inspect the gun physically, check the rifle’s quality with your own hands.

Moreover, sometimes the pictures that are uploaded online for sale might be there just to deceive you into buying the kind of rifle you did not really want. Hence, it is better to go to the gun shop yourself, and buy a used rifle firsthand.


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