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A How-To For Buying Used Handguns



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Buying a handgun that’s right for you can be quite a challenge on its own; buying a used handgun makes the process even more difficult!

Not only do you have to figure out what to look in the handgun before buying it, but you also have to take extra care of its quality since it is not in its mint condition. The article will enlighten the reader with some of the main tips and tools to follow before buying a used handgun.

Which Type Of Handgun

Remember that there are a multiple types of handguns that people like to buy for various reasons.

Some people prefer a 1911 style handgun while others may prefer the polymer style gun or even a simple revolver! For each handgun, the buyer needs to follow certain tips and tools.

In case of 1911 style and polymer style gun the buyer need to test the magazine, and the barrel. Make sure that the barrel is not rusty, but simply clean. Also, test the trigger and see that it works out smoothly. If one is really looking to buy a used handgun then a revolver is the best option since revolvers are mostly always reliable. However, there are some things that the buyer needs to check into while buying a revolver. Firstly, make sure that the ejector and the cylinder are working properly. Also, the barrel and a cylinder should be as clean as a whistle.

Where To Buy

There are possibly two ways to buy used handguns.

Firstly is to buy from an online market and the second way is to buy them from a store or an individual who is selling the used handgun. There are some websites that are reliable and the buyer can buy used handguns without any fear. However, there are some online sites that can make a fool out of you. To assure yourself that you have not run into a scammer there are some tips to follow.

Whether you are buying a used handgun from an online shop or a person, only buy it from a seller who is willing to show their ID. Also, if the buyer finds a used handgun for a price which seems to be unbelievably low, then the buyer can have the sense that the seller is simply fooling you.

As a general rule of thumb, it is better buying a used handgun from a source that is trustworthy.

Always Check the Warranty

When buying a used handgun, ask the seller for a warranty. Sometimes, it happens that when you go to a store you are in a hurry and you do not get to examine the gun properly, or sometimes it could happen that you overlook to check certain part of the handgun and as you go home you realize that your choice wasn’t that really a good one.

In cases like these, the use of warranty comes handy. If there is no warranty then there is no point of investing on a tool that does not provide the benefit of repairing or replacing.

Pay Attention To the Condition

The first thing to observe is the exterior condition of the handgun. Remember that it so may happen that the apparent condition of the used handgun may not be that appealing but the gun may be perfect from the inside. However, if the overall condition of the gun is not so good then it is quite likely that the previous owner didn’t really take care of the inner working of the gun.

Make sure that the barrel or the cylinder of the handgun is straight. The barrel or cylinder should not (even not slightly) bended. The crown of the handgun should also be checked. It must not be greasy or dingy at all.

Check that the trigger is working properly. After all, it is the trigger that does the firing. Take the permission from the seller to dry fire. This will give the buyer a chance to see if the trigger is pulling just fine or not.

Lastly, but most importantly, the buyer should feel comfortable while using the handgun. Therefore, he should make sure that the size and shape of the gun are suitable to him. When the buyer tries to test the gun by bringing to the eye level, the eye should see through the barrel and make sure that the barrel is not worn out.


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