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Watch this Free PDN Video About Concealed Carry Options For A Motorcycle



Enjoy this free training video about concealed and open carry on a motorcycle.

Personal Defense Network’s 2018 Training Tour is in full swing all over the country. As an example of their top-class and comprehensive training courses, check out this video about carrying options for motorcycles.

One example that Deryck Poole of Echo-5 Training suggests is a type of fanny pack that can hold your gun, seen in the image below.

More details of the video are quoted below –

Deryck Poole of Echo-5 Training Group talks about concealed carry options while riding a motorcycle. In his opinion, people put too much emphasis on the differences between carrying while on a motorcycle as opposed to a car, but the two really aren’t that different.

But there are a few differences, and they are in how you carry your gun. Because of the design of motorcycles, your seated position may not be the same as it is in a car. If you’re leaning forward on a bike and carry appendix style, this may not work.

Let’s look at some concealed carry options and a few things you may need to worry about when riding a motorcycle.


If your carry position when on a motorcycle is not the same as your usual everyday carry position, make sure you do something that gives you tactile feedback to tell you this is different. Wearing a leather vest or jacket when riding is a good example. Among other reasons to wear a vest or jacket while riding, when wearing it, you know that if you have to draw your gun, you’re not going to draw it from its usual spot.


Where can you carry your defensive firearm while riding a motorcycle? There are a few options. One is a fanny pack. Some are designed specifically for concealed carry and will cover the trigger guard while the gun is inside it.

Another is a shoulder holster. This gets the gun up above the waistline, and leaning over at an extreme angle is no problem.


Do you wear gloves while riding? Fingerless gloves, full gloves, or heavy ones during inclement weather? With some gloves, you won’t be able to get your finger inside the trigger well of the gun. This means the first part of your handgun presentation needs to be taking the glove off, then reaching for the gun. Remember to include this in your handgun training and practice.


If you’re riding and carrying openly in the middle of nowhere, no problem. But Deryck believes that we bikers already have a stigma attached to us and we don’t want to feed into the negative perception people have of us as being intimidating and not wanting to follow the rules and laws of society. Carry concealed!

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