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Kabar USMC Fighting Knife



The KaBar USMC fighting knife has been the king of military knives since 1942. Multiple different companies have made the USMC fighting knife for the military, but the KaBar version has always been at the top, so much so that every knife that looks like it is perceived to be a KaBar. The first version of the KaBar fighting knife was issued in 1942 and was used in different branches of the military until 1995 when the military decided to switch to a synthetic handle. In 2012, the military stopped issuing the KaBar knife but still to this day many brave men and women use the knife as a fighting and EDC knife while deployed. The blade is 7 inches, and the overall length is 12 inches.

The knife has a blood groove to reduce weight and a spear point that improves strength and durability. The 1095 Cro-Van steel and thick spine gives the blade strength and reduces the chances of breaking or cracking. The handle is made from stacked leather so the knife can still be optimized in any weather condition and still have great grip with gloves on. The handle also has a guard to aid in hand-to-hand combat. The knife comes with a leather sheath, but you can also get a kydex version if you buy it through KaBar. The only detracting feature that I found with the leather sheath right out of the box is that the belt loop is too loose for a regular sized belt, so the knife flails around as you walk.

Although there is reason for this, KaBar makes the belt loop loose so the knife can be used in various situations and carried on many different packs or belts. Not only was this knife utilized in hand-to-hand combat, but it was also used as a bayonet for close quarters combat in the trenches during World War II. This knife feels great in the hand and has an amazing balance while being used. In the military the knife never failed and was abused for years. Did you know that soldiers would even use them as tools or utensils? Soldiers would use the knife as a prybar to open crates and as a spoon or fork to eat their meals while overseas. Paratroopers also utilized the blade as a throwing knife or to cut away from a failed chute. I have used this knife to process deer, cut through brush, and as an everyday carry knife. This knife has not failed me yet, it can do anything and everything.

The sharpness of the edge makes it easy for cutting, while the thick spine also makes it great for chopping. The weight and durability make it a great knife for everyday tasks like opening boxes or working on cars. This knife is a perfect example that time fixes almost everything. Over the years this knife was tested in real situations and has been fixed and perfected into the historical and very useful blade we all know today.


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