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Top 10 Gun Cleaning Tips



Cleaning guns is important, as they must be able to function properly to protect the owner in the face of danger. For individuals who love cleaning their guns and keep them in top-notch condition, this task is a weekly ritual and they never miss it. However, for others, this task can be a hassle they must face. It is necessary for individuals to understand the importance of cleaning guns. If not done, the gun can potentially become useless due to rusting.

Whether you are cleaning guns after a rough outdoor adventure, or you are doing it as a part of your weekly gun cleaning regime, the following top 10 gun cleaning tips will ensure you with the best functioning gun.

Disassemble the Gun Safely

Although disassembling pistols now is easier than before, if you do not understand how to do so, reading the instruction manual is recommended. Amateurs often bend parts of the gun because they are unaware of how to take apart the gun, and this is the last thing that should be done to this weapon. Keeping the manual is smart as it can help you avoid any last-minute issues. But if you do not have the manual, doing a Google search is the other option.

Keep All Ammunition Away

If ammunition and the gun cleaning is happening in the same place, the cleaner needs to find a new place. This is because there have been so many incidents when people shot themselves accidentally while cleaning their gun even after they made sure the gun was not loaded. Keep in mind, this is one of the top 10 gun cleaning tips that must be noted!

Choose the Right Cleaning Products

When cleaning guns, it is important to get the proper cleaning products. Often, individuals just pick up whatever they find, which can cause damage to the gun. When buying these gun cleaners, it is important to ask the shopkeeper about the best-selling products to find a gun-cleaning solution that’s tried and tested and is sure to offer you the results you desire.

Clean In a Ventilated Room

Gun cleaning needs to be done in a well-ventilated room. All those cleaning their guns need to make sure they are not working in a small, locked workroom with fumes in the air. Most of the times, the cleaning products have fumes in them; therefore, cleaning guns in an open space is smart choice.

Ensure Proper Cleaning With the Right Tools

Aside from using store-bought gun cleaning products, gun owners need to go a step beyond than just using these products. The other cleaning tools that are needed are pipe cleaners or Q-tips to clean the parts of the gun that are hard to reach. A rag or towel will be needed to wipe the gun once the cleaning is over. Brushes and a rod will be needed to clean the barrel area followed by patches that will be needed to ensure cleaning.

Go Slow and Steady

Gun cleaning professionals recommend doing at least 500 rounds of the gun. For those who have a modern gun made by a high-quality company, doing 500 rounds will be enough to ensure cleaning of the gun. However, individuals must know that this task requires time and concentration.

Clean the Magazines

When cleaning the gun, all the magazines used in the 500 rounds need to be cleaned as well. Magazines in the pistols are easy to disassemble and clean. However, for those who have different guns need to read the manual.

Wear Eye Protection

This is one of the most important top 10 gun cleaning tips as many unexpected occurrences can happen if proper eye protection is not worn. In case a spring pops out or a chemical splashes, the eye protection will make sure nothing enters or goes near the eye area.

Keep a Tray

Every single gun has many small parts such as springs and pins. To be on the safe side, keeping all these parts together on a tray will make sure nothing gets lost on the floor or the carpet.

Perform the Function Test

After cleaning the gun and assembling, it is important that individuals do the function test. With an empty gun and an isolated place, individuals will need to pull the trigger to check if the gun is functioning. After doing this test, individuals need to make sure the rack has slid back into place.

Now that all gun owners know the top 10 gun cleaning tips, gun cleaning can be more fun and safer than ever. However, safety comes first, so make sure that all the tips mentioned are followed properly.



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