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Done in 60 Seconds: How to Reassemble a Steyr AUG



In Casa Munson this would usually end in a shamefaced trip to the gunsmith…

Is that picture above, showing a completely disassembled Steyr AUG, giving you anxiety? It shouldn’t, because (as I just mentioned), that’s an AUG. There’s a reason the Austrian military (along with about 50 other militaries worldwide) continues to use the AUG 42 years after it was initially adopted, and part of that reason is that Steyr’s iconic bullpup was designed to be easy to disassemble and reassemble. (Of course, the rifle’s incredible toughness, infinite maneuverability, and unerring accuracy haven’t hurt the AUG among the world’s militaries, either.)

The AUG may still be one of the most futuristic-looking rifles in production, but like all beautifully engineered things, it’s actually very simple. In fact, as this video demonstrates, you can complete the entire process in under a minute—no special gunsmithing knowledge, hours of practice, or a yelling drill instructor necessary. In fact, the process is so easy and brief that the entire (and very thorough) tutorial video clocks in at just 3½ minutes!