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Biden Just Can’t Stop Threatening Civil War on Gun Owners



Image courtesy NSSF. Childish edit courtesy me.

No, really. He is no longer physically capable of stopping.

One of the most disturbing things in American politics today is watching the live, on-air mental deterioration of Joe Biden. We don’t know the details of his diagnosis, but we don’t really need to. Nor did we really need the Hur report to know that, whoever Joe Biden was for most of his career, that person isn’t here anymore. Instead, we have a shambling shell of a man who can’t remember when he was Vice President, when his son died, or that it’s not okay to threaten American citizens with civil war because they quoted a Thomas Jefferson letter about watering the roots of the Tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

People with dementia tend to hang on to skills they’ve learned long after they lose touch with reality. So it’s no surprise that Joe Biden is still capable of reading off a teleprompter (although clearly he lost that bike-riding muscle memory already). What is a surprise? The sheer laziness whoever wrote Biden’s recent speech to Everytown for Gun Safety’s “Gun Sense University” in Washington, D.C. a few days ago. That speechwriter simply copied and pasted portions of previous Biden gun-control speeches directly into this one without so much as glancing at the text.

We know this, because that speechwriter repeated a good half-dozen talking points that have been debunked over and over again, often by people who are very much anti-gun. At least half the audience at “Gun Sense University” knew that, for example, cannons were legal to own in 1787 (and still are), because their favorite fact-checkers at the Washington Post very reluctantly confirmed that.

What was interesting is that the speechwriter(s) left in the fantasy about using F-15s against pro-gun American citizens in a civil war. Yes, I called it a fantasy, because the point isn’t so much to threaten gun owners as it is to thrill anti-gunners with the idea of having the government murder their fellow citizens.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has a terrific article with all of the citations you need to prove that every word out of Biden’s mouth at that speech was pure, unadulterated B.S. But as you’re reading it, try substituting “Biden’s speechwriter” for “Joe Biden,” and see which questions occur to you next.



By Mark Oliva

Just hours after Hunter Biden was convicted on three counts of falsifying the background check form (ATF Form 4473) when he purchased a handgun, President Joe Biden, his father, delivered a speech demanding more gun control.

President Biden spoke to Everytown for Gun Safety’s “Gun Sense University” in Washington, D.C., in a “rinse, lather, repeat,” performance of nearly every other gun control speech he’s delivered since he announced his candidacy for The White House. This time, he accentuated his threat to wage war on law-abiding gun owners who cherish their Second Amendment rights, pilloried those who value those rights as a hedge against a tyrannical government and vowed to defy the Second Amendment and U.S. Supreme Court by banning the most popular-selling centerfire rifle in America – the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR).

“How many have heard this phrase, the blood of liberty washes those… gimme a break,” President Biden said. “No, I mean it. Seriously. And by the way, if they want to think they want to take on government if we get out of line, which they’re talking again about, guess what, they need F-15s. They don’t need a rifle.”

The president’s quote was off the mark. It’s actually, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” It comes from President Thomas Jefferson, in 1787 letter to William Stephens Smith, the son-in-law of John Adams.

This talk of an American president openly suggesting that he would use actual instruments of war against citizens of the United States is beyond callous. It is dangerous and must be rebuked. The people are not the president’s subjects. The president is beholden to the people – he serves the people. A threat of war on them by the government is the very reason the Second Amendment exists – to protect the people against a tyrannical government.

This isn’t the first time President Biden’s rolled out this trope against law-abiding citizens who are also law-abiding gun owners. It is as repugnant now as it was then.

Cannon Thunder

There’s more he got wrong about history. He trotted out the tired line that nothing in the law says citizens could own cannons – this during the Civil War. Previously, he said that there was a cannon restriction during the Revolutionary War.

“There’s never been a time that says you can own anything you want,” President Biden said. “You couldn’t own a cannon during the Civil War. No, I’m serious.”

Once again, he’s wrong. There was no restriction on owning cannons during the Civil War. Or the Revolutionary War. Or now. It’s legal to own one. To be honest, I never really wanted to own a cannon until President Biden said I couldn’t – without proof of law that you can’t.

Turns out, there are working cannons on sale now. Anyone with between $5,000 and $13,000 can do some shopping for Civil War-era cannons today. Just last week, Virginia’s Gov. Glenn Younkin was firing a cannon to dedicate the new Culpeper Battlefield State Park. Conservative commentator Katie Pavlich posted on X, “A fact check on Biden’s speech today, one I have done many times. You can own a cannon.” The photo accompanying is Pavlich leaning against a Civil War-era cannon.

President Biden wasn’t done ignoring history to push his unconstitutional gun control agenda.

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Before

“It’s time, once again, to do what I did when I was senator. Ban assault weapons,” President Biden said. “I mean it. Who, in God’s name, needs a magazine that can hold 200 shells. Nobody. That’s right. Think about it. They’re weapons of war.”

First, as the president conveniently ignores, the Bill of Rights isn’t contingent upon what the government believes citizens need. It’s a right. Period. Full stop. The Second Amendment takes the choice away from the government.

Second, the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, which even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted did nothing to reduce criminal misuse of firearms, would clearly be unconstitutional. The law expired in 2004 before the landmark Heller decision, that held the government cannot ban an entire class of firearms that are commonly-owned and commonly-used for lawful purposes. Seeing that there are over 28.1 million of these rifles – the most popular selling centerfire rifle in America and more common than Ford F-150s on the road today (the most popular selling pickup truck in America), the idea of banning these semiautomatic rifles doesn’t pass the sniff test, much less constitutional muster. Add to that the Court’s Bruen holdings, and it’s clear there is no history and tradition of banning entire classes of firearms. A sober look at the history and tradition at the time of the nation’s founding demonstrates the government encouraged citizens to own firearms that were suitable to for not just hunting but also national defense.

The president’s truth-stretching continued. He scorned the bipartisan Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, claiming that its protections are solely unique to the firearm industry.

“And by the way, this is the most important, the only industry in America that has immunity are gun dealers,” he said. “We gotta end it. End it now. No, I mean it.”

Except, that’s not true either. The firearm industry is protected from frivolous lawsuits that attempt to saddle businesses with the blame for the criminal misuse of firearms by remote third parties that have no connection to the companies. In other words – criminals. Gun control advocates use this to attempt to bypass the legislative process to force policies through the courts.

That protection isn’t unique. Other industries enjoy similar protections, including airlinesmedical device makerspharmaceuticals (including all the COVID vaccine makers) and big tech.

There’s more but it’s more of President Biden consistently misrepresenting the facts. The problem is, facts don’t matter to the president when it comes to his gun control agenda. It turns out, he doesn’t give much thought to threatening war against citizens for demanding their rights either.

That’s not just ignorance. That’s dangerous.



  1. Melvin Hodge

    June 14, 2024 at 8:32 pm

    Well well well??I to is a law- abiding gun owner. Right now my guns are in the safe I have yet seen any of them walk away.They don’t have mind of the own only me.Guns do not kill people do and only the bad guys don’t care about the law. But Joe you keep coming us who are doing the right things. When will you start going after the ones y that break the law oh I forgot the law breaker is your son. I’d that why you are so pis off. I never vote for you

    Disabled veteran in America

  2. Big Al 45

    June 14, 2024 at 6:17 pm

    I cant believe you quoted McGraw!!!!!!

  3. Ron Winship

    June 14, 2024 at 4:06 pm

    *For over 25 years we have had the answer to illicit gun purchases and transfers. Democrats and Republicans, Judges, Legislators and Local Politicians ALL say no….to this simple requirement:

    Mandatory Drug Testing for all Purchases and Transfer through an FFL dealers with extended background checks for mental disability history and domestic abuse.

    As a Benefactor Member Life Member of the NRA, we can say……..Firearms do not pull their own
    triggers….only bad characters can do that. Maybe we should follow the words of Tim McGraw
    “Drugs or Jesus”!

  4. Jeff

    June 14, 2024 at 1:28 pm

    If guns were outlawed, only outlaws will have guns and that will be A lot of American people . I would die with that gun in my hand defending our country. I would rather be judged by 12 then carried by 12.

  5. Hate liars

    June 14, 2024 at 1:18 pm

    Biden is a buffoon. Is anyone threatening Biden if so they would raided and probably shot. But Biden can threaten the American people. Its was Biden is was probably Obama and White House staff.Biden has no idea about what the American people are capable of. He thinks we are cowards. Get a grip old man! Your reading something you didn’t write and your losing grip of reality. Jill Biden should be charged with senior abuse and having a man losing it still threatening American people and the allies. Obama better be careful what he wishing for. Obama a bigger coward than Biden. Democrats are evil and love the nazis.

    • Daniel

      June 14, 2024 at 5:46 pm

      We have had one executed by the sociopathic thugs of the F.B.I. just a few months ago up in Provo. He was seventy-five years old. Even more disgusting is the fact local Sheriffs deputies helped out. This in a very firearm friendly state. Or what used to be a firearm friendly state. It looks like even the once independent minded Utah citizens are turning into California style pansies.

    • James R. COOK

      June 24, 2024 at 1:54 pm

      Great commentary guys. The opposition does not come close to being on target on the the gun control .

  6. Richard O David

    June 14, 2024 at 12:17 pm

    I too am a law abiding gun owner. I am licensed and own only what are considered legal guns, bought legally. Before Biden was elected I made the conscious decision to purchase my first gun. At the time I was concerned about where my country, USA, still the greatest nation in the world,was headed in regard to ensuring the safety of my family. Law enforcement is stretched way too thin and I don’t want to have to wait for my local constable, sheriff or police to respond to a 911 call if my family is in danger.
    Although I don’t think I will ever own a cannon, I do plan to increase my current gun collection, which is very small, so that I can be prepared for a defense of my home if need be.

  7. Jim

    June 14, 2024 at 11:06 am

    But…but…I thought the Jan 6 ragtag group of UNARMED sight seers (many of them seniors) were capable of overturning the government and were the biggest threat ever to ‘our democracy’??!?!?! Nancy, Chuckie, and their cronies were so frightened of that group I’m surprised they didn’t call in the F-15’s that day!

    • Alan

      June 20, 2024 at 1:24 pm

      That’s why they “ Persecuted” the Jan 6th protesters, which was no worse than any BLM OR George Floyd protest . Oh that’s right no stores looted or burned down! So actually not worse ! But that’s why the Dems are so afraid. They’re afraid that next time they actually come with guns and throw out any Democrat ( actually a socialist/ communist) in federal office. Let’s face it the Democratic Party of old is gone . The communists took it over !

      • Will

        July 1, 2024 at 5:00 pm

        Not to mention the suppressed video of antifa and blm extremists usind MAGA gear to disguise themselves. The FBI and cIA covered that up to incriminate big ole number 45. Im ashamed to call myself and american right now. I love this country but I hate what it stands for right now.

  8. GomeznSA

    June 14, 2024 at 9:44 am

    “when he announced his candidacy” – was that the first time when all of his lies and plagiarism caught up with him or the most recent one?
    I’ve asked numerous times on a variety of blogs if anyone knows WHY he hates guns – and by extension their owners – so deeply? No one seems to know. Maybe Katie P or someone similar can finally pin him down on that issue.

    • Trapper

      June 14, 2024 at 9:56 am

      Biden, like others in his party, hate law-abiding gun owners because they know a certain portion of their party’s voter base uses firearms for criminal activity on a daily basis. Instead of calling out their voter base, that party needs to preserve the precious narrative and go after those who will not vote for Biden and his ilk.

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