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Tool Time! Real Avid Master Gun Workstation for Real Handymen (Or Women)



It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, as long as master-class tools make you “ohh! ohh! ohh!”

Introducing the Real Avid Master Gun Workstation, a breakthrough new tool that was designed from the ground up to enhance the firearms cleaning, maintenance and optics mounting experience. This innovative product is more than an easy to use, gun holding vise. It is the first true gun workstation and is packed with innovative features including a quick-adjustable clamp for one-handed firearms placement, a Gun Gripper™ yoke for form-fitting retention, a leveling knob for optics mounting, integrated storage for chemicals, brushes, jags and cleaning rods and integrated compatibility with the Smart-Assist™ Quick-Connect Accessory System. This thoughtfully designed workstation will help ensure your cleaning, maintenance and optics mounting tasks go as seamlessly as possible.

At the heart of the Master Gun Workstation is a convenient quick-adjustable clamp feature that allows for fast and secure gun placement with one-handed tightening, ensuring a perfectly positioned firearm with minimal effort and frustration. The yoke is also one-hand adjustable for both width and height, and with an impressive 18.3 inches of travel, it easily accommodates the longest rifles and shotguns. The workstation also offers unparalleled stability and positioning capabilities, with easily adjustable non-slip feet that can be clamped or screwed to your workbench.

When it comes to optics mounting, the Master Gun Workstation showcases its ingenuity through the unique integrated leveling knob. This one-handed gun leveling feature makes optics mounting much easier by enabling micro-adjustments of up to +/- 3º for reticle leveling and accurate scope mounting.

The incorporation of Gun Gripper technology into the adjustable yoke further enhances the cleaning and maintenance experience. This cutting-edge material and design, seamlessly integrated into the yoke, allows for one-hand placement and provides form-fitting retention by wrapping around the barrel or handguard, ensuring a secure grip with no concern of movement or marring.

Functionality meets organization with the Master Gun Workstation. Built-in compartments allow for convenient storage of frequently used items such as chemicals, brushes, jags and cleaning rods. Magnetized trays keep small parts securely in place so you can easily find them, and the chemical-resistant metal base tray provides ample space for larger parts and tools. With workspace organization at its core, the workstation provides quick, easy access to what you need when you need it, saving you time and frustration with your gun maintenance projects.

Additionally, the Master Gun Workstation includes an integrated dock for the Smart-Assist Quick-Connect Accessory System, granting compatibility with a range of hands-free accessories for enhanced work assistance. This inventive system integrates with the workstation and the Master Gun Vise™ and provides the benefit of an extra helping hand when you need it most. Among the separately available Smart-Assist accessories are a magnetic 180 lumen work light, magnifying glass and a cell phone holder, all mounted on flexible goosenecks, offering hands-free assistance when and where needed.

Designed to accommodate rifles and shotguns of all shapes and sizes, the Master Gun Workstation is the first true gun workstation and is packed with innovative features that will have you thanking yourself for making the purchase. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned professional gunsmith or a dedicated DIY gun owner, this workstation is designed to enhance your firearms cleaning, maintenance and optics mounting experience. Investing in the Master Gun Workstation will elevate your Gun DIY® projects to unprecedented levels of convenience, efficiency and precision. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Embrace next level firearm maintenance with the Master Gun Workstation.

To learn more about Real Avid’s gun cleaning products and gun tool solutions designed for the do-it-yourself firearm owner, visit


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