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10 Pro-Gun Memes to Make You a Social Media Superstar



Hey, Instagram: Influence this.

Once upon a time, they used to say that a picture was worth a thousand words; these days, most online communication seems to be done through pictures…and maybe a few words, too. Memes are essentially the bumper stickers of the Internet era, encapsulating a complex subject in a little 768×420-pixel image with a bit of text sprinkled on top and on the bottom. Like bumper stickers, they’re unlikely to persuade anybody out of their beliefs, but they are really, really good at getting you likes, shares, upvotes, and whatever other dopamine-reward system a given social-media platform offers its users. That’s why, today, we’re sharing these with you. Right click on ’em, save ’em, and get ready to be a social-media superstar (or, barring that, at least grab a few laughs).

1. Oddly enough, so do I!

There’s at least 50 of them, but most of them are blued…not grey.

2. Father’s Day is coming up. Just sayin’.

The gift isn’t the gun; the gift is listening to the gun-store clerk tell you why you don’t want *that* gun, you want this *other* gun instead…so your giftee doesn’t have to.

3. Me too, Don Draper. Me too.

It would either bring about world peace, or usher in a new age of darkness as the Great Old Ones rise from the sea to dominate mankind forevermore.

4. About that “the Second Amendment was only for single-shot muskets” business…

Leonardo da Vinci designed one, too.

5. And the National Piano Wire Garrote Association breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s because murder is just extra murder-y when you use a gun!

6. Circle the parts that confuse Chuck Schumer the most.

That looks like what happened the last time I tried a home gunsmithing project.

7. The answer, by the way, is “of course not.”

And now I want to compose an Oompa Loompa song about gun-grabbers.

8. Well, tomorrow’s Wheelgun Wednesday…

Of course, this meme could work just as well for a woman. If you’re that woman, call me!

9. What, you mean like Black Widow…?

I’m okay with the fact that this baby misspelled “heroin.”


10. Secrets of Philadelphia, REVEALED!

And the First Amendment only applies to cuneiform, papyrus, and inkwells.

What’s your favorite pro-gun meme? Tell us in the comments!