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Rifle Shooting Tips & Techniques



When it comes to mastering the art of long ranged shooting, the fact of the matter is that it cannot be mastered in one day. However, there are a number of rifle shooting tips and techniques, for improving their overall experience, and which can be practiced day in and day out by shooters. Here are some of such rifle shooting tips and techniques that are bound to benefit the quality of your shooting:

Position Is Important

When it comes to rifle shooting tips, one of the most important tips that you can give to a person is that position is of utmost importance when it comes to shooting. Why? Well, it’s because the quality of the shot not only depends upon the position of the rifle but upon your position as well. What this means is that it is imperative for you to ensure that the rifle is pointing naturally at the target, without any need for the exertion of significant force.

If it’s not, then it’s advisable for you to realign your body so that the rifle naturally points towards the target. When doing this, it’s of utmost importance for you to remember that you’re not supposed to just move the rifle; rather your entire body is supposed to realign with it.

What this means is that while realigning; you’re not just supposed to twist your torso. Rather, you’re supposed start with the shifting of your legs and then upwards until your entire body is in the perfect position. And how do you know that you’re in the perfect position? Well, let’s just say that aiming from the perfect position will be much more comfortable than aiming from an awkward one. Don’t worry, you’ll know!

Keep It Steady

Among the rifle shooting techniques, one of the most important techniques call for the need of keeping the rifle steady until the shot has been taken. Why is this important? Well, let’s just say that the shots taken from a rifle that has not been kept steady are not the most accurate ones. There are a number of rifle shooting techniques that can be utilized for this purpose. Considering that you’re in a prone position, the first thing that you need to ensure is that your body is well grounded. Both of your elbows need to be down, also, and your forearms should be touching the ground. Such a position serves as a strong base to take the shot from.

It’s recommended also for you to use a back bag for supporting the butt of the rifle. The back bag will ensure that the rifle has got a little more to count on than the shoulder of your weaker arm. It will grant additional support and serve well in holding the rifle steady. And we all know what happens when a shot is taken from a steady rifle, right? The accuracy increases manifold!

Have a Perfect Vision

One of the most common reasons why shooters are unable to take accurate shots lies in the fact that they, simply, do not have a perfect vision of the target. Before taking any kind of a shot, shooters need to ensure that their vision through the scope is “perfectly” clear (the word perfect is important!). What this means is that the vision needs to be clear of all kinds of shadows, tunnel effects and disturbances. You know why? Well, it’s because of the fact that any kind of disturbance will induce a parallax error into the vision, which will cause the accuracy of your shot to be awfully off.

One of the most important rifle shooting tips that can be given in this regard is for the shooters to make use of the rifle shooting technique called “lining up the circles”. What this means is that the objective lens needs to be in perfect alignment with the ocular lens such that the ocular lens slightly exceeds the diameter of the objective lens.

When you talk about rifle shooting tips and techniques, the fact of is you can try a number of techniques to make the experience of your shooting just a touch better. When you consider the entire activity of shooting, the phase before shooting is obviously important, but the phase that follows is of no less importance either. For example, you need to have a proper technique for facing recoil of the rifle once the shot has been taken. It’s true that practice makes a man perfect!


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