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5 Ways To Prepare For the First Sit Of Deer Hunting Season



Many people believe that hunting is all about running trail cameras, a few random shooting range sessions and you are good to go. But hunting is an art that requires an array of different skills to master. And even then, it can be quite challenging to achieve perfection.

Furthermore, it does not matter what weapon you hunt with or what equipment you carry, if you are not prepared for deer hunting season then there is very little that can help you. Fate helps the prepared and this is exactly why every hunter out there should ensure that they are ready to dive in deer hunting season head first. This is why we have articulated a list of ways every hunter can prepare for the first sit of deer hunting season! Five of the most important ways are mentioned below:

Practice Makes Perfect

This speaks volumes, especially when it comes to hunting. When you are out there in the wild the only true weapon you have in your arsenal is your training! This is exactly why it is crucial that every individual starts preparing for deer hunting season by practicing as much as they can. Furthermore, most people do not even realize how their skills set is diminished during the break season and often realize that their skills have gotten rusty, when it’s too late.

We would recommend visiting the shooting range on a daily basis and rehearse your hunting game. If your preferred weapon is a bow and arrow, then you should make sure you target practice both indoors and outdoors. Remember the more your practice the more you learn, try to spot your weaknesses and strive to overcome them. Dedicate as much time as possible and make sure that you are prepared for every given situation.

Every Detail Counts

When it comes to hunting, your skill set should be on point till the very last detail. After you have practiced shooting the next step is to consider all of the gear you require for the first sit of deer hunting season. By now most of your gear might need repairs, upgrades or even have to be replaced so please do not wait till the very last moment before you consider your gear. Take each item out and make sure it is functioning properly and then start planning for the hunt.

Your plan should be impeccable and immaculate from every aspect, as your preparation can be the deciding factor in the success of your hunting endeavors. We would recommend that you first make a list of all the required gear and then map your hunting expedition, you should clearly outline which route your hunting party is about to take. You can also conduct research to find the most densely populated areas in order to make sure your hunting spree is a success.

Do Not Rush the Process

This is the most common mistake that people make and it often is the root cause of problems hunters face when they are out there in the wild. People are so excited for deer hunting season that they rush the whole preparation process and make mistakes in planning. So we would recommend taking a deep breath and planning with a degree of care and pay attention to every detail. Take your time, the deer are not going anywhere and neither is hunting season going to end, even before it starts.

Maintain Your Vehicle

There is nothing worse than a hunting expedition that is ruined because of a vehicle breaking down, especially on the way to the hunting site. Your car will have to drive through different terrain and if it is not maintained to perfection, there is a very likely chance it breaks down! We would recommend taking your car for routine maintenance in order to make sure everything is functioning at its optimum rate.

Pull Trail Camera Cards

Besides your gear you should also do an inventory check on your camera cords. Deer are habitual animals and they can provide you with a sheath of information before the hunting season starts. Plug in your cameras and try gain insight regarding their feeding patterns and where they are most densely populated. Take all of the information you have accumulated into perspective and then head out for the hunt, remember the information you gather today will come in handy tomorrow!


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