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Best Glock Mods For Glock Owners



Glock guns hold a significant position in the handguns category. Glock guns are efficient, well-made and quality assured. That being said, we don’t mean that we should not look for some best Glock mods. Every gun owner likes to go with some gun modifications that can make the weapon more custom and personalized.

Here are some of the best Glock mods for Glock owners.

Standard Big Dot/Reflex – Sights

As you search the market, you will come across many red dots sights of different qualities. But with this one, you get the most amazing experience. If you have been into shooting than you must know how hard it is to set an aim with shaking hands. But if you use this red dot optic, there is no need to worry. With this, both back and front sights are best aligned. You just need to aim the dot, and as you shoot, it will exactly hit the target you aimed for.


A trigger update is best if you wish for a single consistent pull without disturbing the front sight. If you own any of the Gen 3 or Gen 4 Glocks, Apex tactical is best to use. After all, a smooth pull of the trigger makes the whole difference. This is more important if you also want to make multiple shots quicker.

Stippling the Grip

One of the best Glock mods for Glock owners is stippling the grip. The easy and simple modification is highly useful to have a good shooting experience. Also, this is highly affordable for the Glock owners. Stippling improves the accuracy of shooting and gives the shooter a lot more comfortable feel. This best Glock mod is now becoming more famous among Glock owners. The rising popularity is because both serious and tactical shooters as well as shooter joining competitions, find it highly convenient.


Unquestionably, the barrels offered by Glock factory are the best ones. These are not only best for a firearm but also for various handguns. But in some circumstances, the shooter might wish to replace the barrel. For a shooter, a threaded barrel provides great feasibility to attach suppressors and compensators instantly. In addition to that, if you want to improve the accuracy then use only a stainless steel barrel. You may also use various barrels to transform your Glock into a totally new caliber.

New Slides/Slide Serrations

If you want to add the best Glock mod to your handgun then slide serrations are the one. Regardless, if you love them or not, they are indeed the hottest and most popular slide serrations right now. Improving the rear and including a more aggressive front slide is definitely a famous norm now.


Magazines are one of the most frequently pursued Glock mods. Even though the Glock itself is equipped with the industry competitive magazines, you may also go with some magazine extensions. These extensions may include Pearce magazine extensions. These extensions are easy and make sure that you can handle whatever comes your way. As you consider magazine as one of the best Glock mods, comfort is an added benefit that comes with it.


Another best Glock mod for Glock owners is rail attachments. Sometimes, these modifications may provide more function than flash. However, this modification makes your lasers and light to highlight targets. It helps in identifying the direction of your gun a lot easier. You may go with attachments like flashlight or night sights and make your Glock a lot easier weapon to use in the dark. But these attachments might tip off other shooters as to your location and presence. A rail attachment may vary in terms of build quality and compatibility. So, before you opt for this best Glock mod, do research your options wisely.

So, go ahead and modify your Glock with these modifications. All of these modifications are cheap and easily available. As a Glock owner, choose the mods that are most useful for you. This will help you in using your handgun even more effectively.


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