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Henry’s Side Gate Lever Action Now Available in .410 Shotshell & .45-70



Who knew that lever guns were the next hot multipurpose platform? I did, that’s who.

Earlier this year, we reported on Henry Repeating Arms’ most recent innovation, the Henry Side Gate Lever Action Rifle. In that article, we speculated that the lever-action platform seemed to be undergoing something of a gritty reboot as a multipurpose rifle with a home-defense specialty (and that the public seemed to be more than ready for it). Now, Henry has beefed up their Side Gate line of lever guns with the introduction of one new caliber (.45-70)…and one new bore. It’s that latter that has me feeling like a redneck Nostradamus for predicting that the public was already thinking of this from a defensive angle.

That .410 bore chambering will, of course, serve just as well against pests like gophers as it will against the two-legged type. And it’s just as neighborly to shoot a .410 out of doors as it is considerate indoors–no matter how close the quarters, the .410 is unlikely to penetrate walls to injure an innocent party. Whether the demand for this new chambering was for hunting or home defense I can’t speculate, but I can verify that Henry’s decision to bring it to market was entirely driven by gun owners.

Henry Repeating Arms recently added a section to their website titled “The Suggestion Box,” which allows users to submit their firearm idea or concept for Henry to consider in the future. Andy Wickstrom, Vice President and General Manager of Henry Repeating Arms explains, “As soon as we came out with the first round of Side Gate Lever Actions, we started getting requests for additional calibers. Both .410 and .45-70 were way up there, so it’s great that we can satisfy those that requested it now.”

Cosmetically and functionally the new Side Gate Lever Actions share much with the earlier models. The firearm’s namesake, the loading gate on the right side of the receiver below the ejection port, is coupled with Henry’s historically inspired removable tube magazine. Having these two methods of loading and unloading allows the shooter to safely unload the firearm without working live rounds through the action and keep the magazine topped off through the side gate.

“We put a lot of focus into listening to what our fans and customers want from the next Henry,” says Henry Repeating Arms President and Owner, Anthony Imperato. He continues, “Real feedback and product suggestions from people that are out there using our rifles and shotguns carries a lot of weight and it’s what drives a lot of our product development. Our release of the Side Gate Lever Action earlier this year, and these new calibers are a great example of that.”

The new Side Gate Lever Action .45-70 rifle and Side Gate Lever Action .410 share a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,045.

Henry firearms can only be purchased through a licensed firearms dealer. For more information about Henry Repeating Arms and its products visit or call 866-200-2354.


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