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Challenge: Build a Complete Home-Defense Kit Under $1,000



Image courtesy Ammunition Depot

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: Create your home-defense kit at Ammunition Depot for $1,000!

Astute Guns & Gadgets Daily readers may have noticed that we love giving away great prize packages of guns, optics, ammunition, and gear. You may also have noticed that we’re currently running one–which ends midnight CST Saturday, April 30–that includes a $1,000 gift card to Ammunition Depot. Astute shoppers may have furthermore noticed that Ammunition Depot sells a lot more than ammunition, although you can be forgiven for making the mistake, given the company name. That’s because the Home Defense II $4.5K Guns & Gear Giveaway is all about outfitting your own thousand-dollar loadout for a complete, personalized home-defense package. That means putting you in charge of 1K out of that $4.5K total. Today, I’m taking a purely hypothetical shopping spree down the digital halls of Ammunition Depot’s soup-to-nuts shooter’s solution showcase. (Hypothetical because I work here and I’m disqualified from entering. But you aren’t …)

Two words: Defensive Shotgun

What’s cool about the shopping pages on Ammunition Depot is that you can sort your selections by price per round, least to most expensive, best selling, and highest-rated. That’s pretty helpful, especially if you’re either not sure what you want, or wantonly spending the prize money that’s burning a hole in your pocket. So, looking at the Home Defense II prize package, I’m thinking that what would round it out would be a long gun suited for home defense. For me, that’s a shotgun, although rifles will always be a solid choice. The one I want is the Rock Island X4 Tactical Shotgun for $255.49. My reasons are simple: I like Rock Island shotguns, and this bad boy boasts an inertia style action and features a lightweight aluminum receiver with a 4 + 1 capacity. So this is going to my (hypothetical) FFL for me to pick up. Oh, and looky here, my new X4 has a Picatinny rail on it.


Two MORE words: Red Dot

The thing about home defense scenarios is that they don’t usually happen when you’re ready for them. Think low light, coming out of sleep, mildly confused, and maybe even a little scared. Is there a better idea than adding a little extra insurance to my 3 a.m. shotgun-handling skills with a reflex sight? Maybe, but this is my shopping spree and I want this Sig Sauer Romeo MSR Compact Red Dot. At $119.99, it’s one of the more expensive offerings Ammunition Depot has, but it’s free money that I don’t get to spend anyway. Into the virtual cart it goes!

One word: Buckshot

Next, I’m going to go ahead and grab myself  a case of Federal Tactical 12-gauge full-power 2 3/4″ 00 Buckshot. That’s the load I choose when I absolutely, positively, mean it when I say “Get off my lawn.” Ammunition Depot has it for $389.99 a case, and that price may seem higher than Joe Biden 45 minutes after Jill gives him his Happy Face Shot, but I promise you won’t find this premium defensive ammunition elsewhere. MINE!

Love Potion No. 9mm

Finally, there are not one but TWO 9mm handguns that are part of the Home Defense Giveaway! They’re purebreds, but they look hungry. I’m going to make sure they have plenty of top-quality fodder from Ammunition Depot, because this isn’t my money. So a case of Hornady Critical Defense 115 grain jacketed hollowpoint ammo joins the rest of my hypothetical hoard for $229.99.

How much have I spent? According to my Bloody Mary cocktail-napkin calculations, we’re coming in hot at $995.46! I think I did a pretty good job, but since I can’t win this giveaway, I’m interested to hear what you’d buy if you won. Tell us in the comments below … after you sign up for the giveaway, of course!


Home Defense II $4.5K Guns & Gear Giveaway!

Ending at midnight CST April 30, you have the chance to win a soup-to-nuts home-defense package starring a Kahr Arms CM9 (which just so happens to be this author’s personal EDC, a Lone Wolf Distributors LTD19 V2, a Primary Weapons Systems MK116 PRO Upper and buffer tube, a Mountain Ankle IFAK Trauma Kit from USA Carry, a $1,000 gift card for Ammunition Depot (which sells much more than ammo!), $500 gift cards for both N8 Tactical and CrossBreed HolstersPersonal Defense Network Gold Membership including a  9-DVD Set + FREE Concealed Carry Box Set, and last (but not least) an MH6 Focusable portable light from our very own XDMAN!

Entering this giveaway is simple and free! Just click here, provide us a way to get in touch with you, and get ready to win one of our most popular giveaway packages ever.

A complete listing of the prize package on offer is below! Don’t worry; we’ll give you the signup link again at the end.

1. Kahr Firearms CM9, Matte Stainless Slide, 9mm pistol valued at $518.00

2. Lone Wolf Complete LTD19 V2 9mm Pistol- Black Frame Silver Slide Valued at $699.99

3. Primary Weapons Systems, MK116 PRO Upper, Valued at $824.95

4. Primary Weapons Systems, Enhanced Buffer Tube with Ratchet Lock Castlenut and Endplate, Valued at $129.99

5. USA Carry, Mountain Ankle IFAK Trauma Kit Valued at $151.99

6. Ammunition Depot Gift Card (valid only at Valued at $1,000

7. N8 Tactical Gift Card (Valid only at, Valued at $500

8. Crossbreed Holsters Gift Card (Valid only at, Valued at $500

9. PDN in the Home 9-DVD Set + FREE Concealed Carry Box Set, Valued at $129.99

10. PDN Gold Membership Valued at $124


11. XDMAN, MH6 Focusable portable light, Valued at $39.95

Awesome, right? Click here to enter!


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