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Benjamin Fortitude: Not Your Daddy’s Air Rifle



Although, I must confess, “Fortitude” is exactly what my Pops would name an air rifle...

Mention air rifles to some members of elder generations, and they’ll wax nostalgic about shooting their buddy in the butt with their first BB gun. But now, we’ve got a new generation of shooters…and a second-generation Benjamin Fortitude for them to check out. The Fortitude, and air guns like it, isn’t exactly kid stuff: With the velocities this air rifle can achieve, small-game hunters can absolutely ethically and humanely take their prey. The Fortitude was introduced some time ago, but the engineers at Benjamin couldn’t rest until the Fortitude was packed with the most highly desired features and technologies that modern airgunners demand.

Like its predecessor, this pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air gun is available in both .177 and .22 calibers, and the form of the gun is very similar. However, it features a 34 percent reduction in the effort you’ll need to expend to cock the gun. Speaking of ease of use, the trigger pull weight has been reduced by 20 percent for a crisper feeling and better accuracy.

There’s also a better balance hammer and valve-spring setup. That hammer spring is adjustable, by the way–you can adjust the gun for velocity or shot count, depending on what you’d like to do with it today. Want to knock down some squirrels? Crank the velocity up. Want to put holes in paper on your back 40? Dial it back down again so you can shoot longer.


Hammer Spring Preload            Velocity Shots count
0 turns (No Preload) Up to 650 fps (.177) and 600 fps (.22)    Up to 200
4  turns (FactorySetting) Up to 850 fps (.177) and 750 fps (.22)     Up to 90
6 turns (Maximum) Up to 950 fps (.177) and 800 fps (.22)     Up to 60


The Fortitude is a multi-shot repeater with a regulator that uses interchangeable 10-shot rotary magazines for bolt-action firing. The Fortitude features a lightweight all-weather ergonomic stock. The regulator built into the 3000 PSI reservoir controls the output air pressure for shot-to-shot consistency, making the Fortitude the best option for backyard plinking, target shooting, pest control, or small-game hunting. All of these features will be available at the remarkably low price of a $299.99.

“The Benjamin brand has always provided premier airguns that are unmatched in performance and value,” said Phillip Guadalupe, Product Manager. “Our consumers told us that they wanted the Benjamin performance they’ve always relied on, but with the added benefit of being able to take more shots and extend the time between refills. We developed the Fortitude to deliver on what they were asking for.”

Want one to call your very own? Click here for more details!



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