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Things I Probably Shouldn’t Want, But Do: Viridian Long-Range Illuminators



Pictured: Someone using the illuminator for its intended purpose, not the tomfoolery I have planned.

I promise I won’t shine it in my buddies’ eyes for a laugh. (Again.)

The folks at Viridian Weapon Technologies recently introduced a new line of long-range illuminators that have put my poor suffering wallet on notice that I’m about to abuse it–as well as the patience of my friends–again. You’ll notice that I haven’t called them flashlights, and there’s a reason for that: Although these will certainly change the way you and your weapon interact with the world after sunset, they’re much more than a “mere” flashlight…although they certainly cost less than many high-end tactical flashlights on the market. Suitable for low-light hunting as well as self-defense, these two bad boys–the V310 and the V210–are feature-rich and ready to mount on anything that sports a Picatinny rail.

The difference between the V310 and V210 is that the former can reach out to 300 yards downrange, while the latter can boast a 200-yard range–but the price differential is only $40, so neither you nor I will have to choose based on finances. Both offer adjustable, quiet zoom functions that let you walk the light out to where you need it. They’re both available in a choice of four light wavelengths: green, red, white, and infrared.  The green, red, or infrared are best used to “paint” a target at a distance while hunting, and what’s great about that is that you can do so without spooking the game animal. The white light, which is a dazzling 1,000 lumens, can be used to light up a blood trail, disorient a human attacker, or, in my case, flash your buddy in the face to get him back for introducing you to your most recent ex-wife. (Not when it’s mounted on the gun, of course.)

1,000 lumens…of justice!

Both models come complete with a Picatinny mount, rechargeable battery, recharger, and a remote switch. Both of them allow you to zoom in and out with a whisper-quiet mechanism (the V310’s is motorized, while the V210’s is manual), both of them offer three brightness modes, and both of them are waterproof. The V310 retails for $219, while the V210 for $179…extremely reasonable prices for these high-quality illuminators. Better yet, as of the time of this writing, they’re available for 50% off if you use the promo code “LR150” at checkout. Check out this cool video for more…but, if you’re already convinced, they can be purchased here.