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CrossBreed Holsters’ SIG SAUER P365XL Lineup (That Was Fast!)



Well, CrossBreed Holsters, I wrote about the SIG SAUER P365XL 10 hot days ago, and you’ve already rolled out a full line of holsters that work with the sized-up (yet still infinitely concealable) CCW-friendly pistol. I’d like to make a “what took you so long” joke here, but it’s really a very impressive display of how in-tune the renowned holster maker is with the latest firearms offerings and trends in both concealed and open carry. Of course, they do have an inside track…not just with SIG SAUER, but with just about every handgun manufacturer you can think of (and probably a couple dozen you can’t).

As you may already know from last week’s article, the P365 XL is a 9mm striker-fired pistol, featuring the XSERIES P365 grip module with an integrated carry magwell and extended beavertail, a flat trigger with a 90-degree break, and a 3.7-inch barrel for increased accuracy while retaining concealability.

The full lineup of CrossBreed holsters for the SIG P365XL pistol is a long one, so let’s go to the bullet points:

  • SuperTuck
  • MiniTuck
  • Appendix Carry
  • Freedom Carry
  • SnapSlide
  • DropSlide
  • SuperSlide
  • Ohai
  • Bedside Backup
  • Purse Defender
  • Soft Side Modular Pack
  • Pac Mat
  • Mini Pac Mat
  • Belly Band
  • Last Ditch
  • The Reckoning Holster

To see which holsters will accommodate any combination of firearm and laser or light, check out CrossBreed’s updated SHOP ALL FIREARMS feature on the  website to narrow down holster choices based on your preferred method of carry and budget.

For more information and specific model availability on all our CrossBreed holsters, visit:


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