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Why We Side-Eye the MSM On Gun Issues




Dear Mainstream Journalists, here’s why people who know guns think you’re so full of it, you squeak going into a turn.

One of the toughest things about watching the mainstream media trying to report on news pertaining to guns is that it’s so hard on my keyboards, screens, and coffee budget. (You’d think that I’d have trained myself out of doing those explosive spit-takes, but no.) Case in point: this piece out of Arizona.  I’m pleased to report that this morning’s impromptu coffee shower didn’t prevent me from screenshotting the image that Inside Edition used to illustrate the article, because I figure sooner or later someone’s going to let them in on why this is so hilarious and they’ll change it. Thus ruining all my fun. (Interestingly, that caption proclaiming that the Sheriff’s Office provided the image wasn’t there originally—it showed up when I refreshed the page at 5 am.) I do hope that Inside Edition’s intrepid reporters decide to investigate the occurrence further. Perhaps they should attempt to milk that “cow” to see if that improves “her” temper.

The article itself reiterates some points that experienced hunters and gun owners already know, even if the reporter doesn’t. First, Tasers do not always instantly incapacitate. In this case, it’s because the “attacker” weighed roughly 10 times what you’d expect from the average human. However, heavy clothing or poor “shot” placement can also render the Taser ineffective. Secondly, even generally placid herbivores can become highly aggressive depending on the circumstances.

Especially if they’re not cows, but are in fact bulls. You can read the whole tale of woe here…