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Is This the “Economics and Love” We Were Promised Would End the 2A?



Smith & Wesson and Ruger are two of the most widely recognized names among gun manufacturers…

…and that’s probably why the anti-gunners are so enamored with them…but is it really too much to ask that the gun-control groups try to branch out and share the love with everyone else? It just really seems a little socially unjust of them to neglect smaller manufacturers who could use a little more of those David Hogg promises of “love and economics.”

In case you missed it, the new hotness in gun-control dipwaddery is to purchase a large number of shares, then make a big stink at the next shareholder’s meeting. Naturally, after having pulled a similar cunning stunt earlier this year with Ruger they went to the only other gun manufacturer they could name off the tops of their pointy little heads and moved on to S&W. Here’s the interesting part: Although they certainly can force the company to listen to them, they can’t actually force them to do much of anything (other than to respond, with a letter.) And they know this. So here’s their diabolically brilliant, Moriarty-like master plan, which seems to have largely been cribbed from South Park’s Underpants Gnomes:

Step 1: Give company we hate a bunch of money
Step 2: ?
Step 3: Universal disarmament!

So, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility? If you feel like giving someone a dumptruck’s worth of folding cash in exchange for a “Dear John” letter, you’re just going to love my ex-wife.

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