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Defending Yourself Against a Gun Attack



There are some options that you have for defending yourself against a gun attack. It can prove a frightening thought to even be involved in something such as this, but even more frightening is not to have a plan laid out. The most important thing to do is to stay active in order to think strategically to deal effectively with the situation and get out of it, fast.

3 Strategies For Self Defense

  • The first thing to do when defending yourself against a gun attack is to negotiate with the attacker, through verbal communication. Try to find out, as soon and as quickly as you can, what they want from you. You may be able to prevent the eventuality of getting shot if you can give them what they want so they leave you alone. No possession is worth more than your life, especially if that possession can end the attack.
  • Although it is not advisable to fight against an individual bearing a firearm, you should have that in mind as an absolute last resort. If they’re after something you have, don’t resist. Give it to them. If they want you, do not give up without a fight as a last resort. You will, however, be responsible for your own decisions out there.
  • Think in advance about what you would and wouldn’t be willing to give up if you have to guard against someone with a gun. If they demand money, would you be willing to give it up to them. What about the more difficult choices that may involve sexual assault or some other physical attack. Sometimes you may not have too many options and the attacker may seem to overpower you. Out of sheer fear for your life, especially when you’re unarmed, you’ll feel like you must do as the attacker says. Self defense isn’t always about harming, it’s about doing everything you can to survive. Cooperating with or submitting to something, doesn’t mean that you consent to the attacker. If you chose to cooperate with the attacker, it doesn’t mean that you agreed. It just means that you’re using the strategy that seemed best at the time that you thought would help you get out of the ordeal with your life.

Defending Yourself Against an Attacker: The Basics

If you’re defending yourself against an unarmed attacker instead of defending yourself against a gun attack there are some basic guidelines you need to follow:

  • Think before you act
  • Know about your surroundings. Who’s in the immediate area who can help out? Is there any unscrupulous character who may or may not be carrying a gun that you should avoid? Is there any escape route or areas that you should avoid while making your escape.
  • Think again: what can you do?

If you believe that you’re defending yourself against a gun attack, ask yourself whether the attacker actually has a gun, or if they specified what kind of weapon they have. If you can’t see the weapon, then it’s time to trust your gut about what weapon the attacker may be carrying. If they verbally specify that they do have a gun or a knife, it’d be best to believe them and not call their bluff on it.

If They Have a Gun To Your Head Or a Knife To Your Throat

If this happens, you have to allow yourself the time to breathe first and then follow that up with thinking. If the attacker is not particularly aggressive or hostile, you can even defend yourself against a gun attack by choosing to talk your way through it.

Make yourself appear as an approachable human being. Ask subtle questions like what they want. People have asked about the family of the attacker or their interests in such instances. It’s all about bringing up random topics to divert the attention of the attacker away from the situation at hand as a type of verbal self defense.

The next step is to try and negotiate. Depending on your situation, you can start by saying something like, “I’ll do anything you want except getting in that car with you” or “I’ll do exactly as you say, just put the knife down.” You are not obliged to keep these promises and these are just to stall your attacker enough to have a chance to escape.

Unless you have decided on physically resisting the onslaught of the attack, don’t make any sudden moves. If you get the weapon from them, try to throw it as far away as you can. Do not threaten them unless you know how to use it. They may regain control if you don’t know what you’re doing.


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