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Common Mistakes In Self-Defense Firearms Training



Learning how to fire a firearm in a safe manner is a quality that can only be found in firearm veterans as it take years of training and hard work to fully master the art of shooting a firearm. Everyone out there has their own techniques and training methodology that they think is ideal for their personal specifications; however people do not even realize how many mistakes they are making.

There are so many different factors that come into play when learning gun ethics, firearm safety and self defense techniques, people end up learning mistakes which can prove to be quite detrimental. This is exactly why we have articulated a list of ten common mistakes that people make in self defense training, these mistakes are as follows.

Taking Advice From the Wrong People

This is the most common mistake people make when seeking firearm training and is one of the most detrimental. People unfortunately believe that all of their friends who own firearms are automatically gun experts and take their advice very seriously. What people have to realize is that just because someone owns an array of guns or has watched thousands of YouTube clips, it does not make them a gun expert. Often the advice you learn from them, will come back to haunt you! So please make sure you only take the advice of gun experts who have staggering experience in gun training.

Taking Classes With Too Many Students

Due to the incredible popularity of gun training, most classes have hundreds of pupils and one single teacher. Although this might work back in school, it does not work very well when it comes to gun training. In order to learn all of the intricate details of how to shoot a firearm safely, shooting stance and gun ethics, you will need the undivided attention of your teacher. This is exactly why we would recommend that you only invest in small group training or individual training as this is the only way to ensure that you learn the required skill set.

Not Researching Your Local Training Centers

Now since almost every household has a weapon, there are training centers around every corner. Most people make the common mistake of investing in the first training center that they come across, however, this puts them at an unnecessary disadvantage. Since they do not consider the qualification of the trainer, the gear provided and the quality of the training provided, people end up regretting choosing their respective training center. People should first conduct research to find the most renowned centers in their area and until they are sure about their competence, they should never start training with them.

Taking Classes Lightly

It is in our nature to take educational classes lightly, however when it comes to fire arm training, your attitude can cost you your life! What people have to realize is that what they learn in these classes today, can actually save their lives tomorrow. The whole point of investing in training is to learn as much as possible, so people should take their classes seriously as their life might depend on it. These classes are designed to help you respond to different situations appropriately, they will brief you on gun laws, teach you how to shoot and hunting ethics. These are just a glimpse into the extensive list of factors that training teaches their pupils, please take these classes seriously.

Believing That Target Practice Is All You Need

This is another common mistake that many people make and it actually is the root cause of most firearm accidents. People believe that if they know how to load a weapon and have practiced target shooting in their back yard than they are ready for a lethal force encounter. However, this is the furthest thing from the truth as there is so much more to firearm safety then knowing how to shoot and reload. You will have to practice shooting at different angels and in different conditions, additionally you will need to learn about shooting stances and how to use cover to your advantage. This list is just a glimpse into the array of techniques that you will have to learn in order to master a firearm.

Failing To Take Force-On-Force Training

The very first thing you will learn in gun training is self defense techniques so that you can avoid using your weapon in the first place. These techniques will help you ward of attackers who are trying to steal your weapon or subdue you with sheer force. Remember you will need time and the perfect angle to shoot an attacker. Furthermore, you will have to make that time and the angle yourself!


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