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Gun Cleaning Tips & Tools from the Experts



Whether someone is a newbie to the gun world or a pro, it is important to stay updated with the newest tips and tricks that are floating around in the gun world. The most important thing that needs to be done is proper cleaning of the gun so it can fire with ease. A rusted or dirty gun will not function at all and it will be of no use to protect you from danger. Therefore, for the safety of others and yours, here are the gun cleaning tips and tools from the experts you need to follow to ensure proper gun cleaning.

Gun Cleaning Tips

Clean in Open Spaces

Gun cleaning must be done in an open space. Gun cleaning products have harsh fumes in them; therefore, it is important to do this risky work in an open garage or the back deck. This way the fumes will be ventilated and they will not be harmful for the cleaner.

Wear Eye Protection

Gun cleaners must be wearing eye protection at all times. There have been cases when springs from the gun or chemical splashes resulted in damage to the eye or even made individuals blind. Safety is the biggest priority; therefore, wearing eye protection is the first thing that must be done before starting the cleaning process.

Use a Tray

When disassembling the gun, it is important to have a tray to keep all the small parts. These small parts usually include pins and springs that can easily get lost on the floor if not safely kept on the tray. If one part goes missing, it could affect the performance of the gun.

Go Beyond the Basics

Gun cleaning goes beyond than just cleaning with store-bought gun cleaning products. Individuals need to know that the small parts of the gun need to be cleaned with Q-tips. The entire gun needs to be wiped properly with a rag or towel, and at last, the barrel cleaning must be done thoroughly. This task requires a lot of time; therefore, it must be done during free time so it can be given all the attention is requires.

Keep the Manual

No matter how old a gun may be, it is important to keep the manual. By keeping the manual, individuals can save themselves from last-minute mishaps. This is one of the important gun cleaning tips and tools from the experts, as they believe that the manual has all the information one may need regarding their weapon.

Gun Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Rods

Damaging the firearm during the cleaning process is much easier than many people may think. It can be as easy as choosing the wrong tools to clean the gun. When buying cleaning tools, it is important to choose the right cleaning rods. Gun experts recommend using a cleaning rod that has a softer metal than the metal of the gun.

The best way to go about choosing cleaning rods is opting for bronze. However, if one wants to opt for an expensive option, going for carbon fiber rods is a good alternative. Both these tools are safe when it comes to cleaning the gun.

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

Although an ultrasonic gun cleaner may not be a requirement, it is a useful investment. When individuals have the rights tools when cleaning a gun, it can lessen the cleaning time. With the right options, these ultrasonic gun cleaners have the potential to clean guns better than manual cleaning.

Having the Right Chemicals

The majority of people use WD-40 to grease up the gun, but the gun cleaning tips and tools experts say that this chemical leaves behind a waxy residue that is sticky enough to trap grime and dust. Therefore, after cleaning the gun, the following chemicals are the best to use in order to keep the gun functioning properly all the time:

  • Solvent – This will remove lead, carbon and everything from the bore.
  • Degreaser — This will remove any existing oil and dirt in the gun.
  • Lubricant – This will grease the gun and protect it from rusting.
  • Protectant – This will protect the gun from water and rust if the gun is being used in harsh environments.

Now that gun owners have gun cleaning tips and tools from the experts, it will ensure all guns are functioning properly so they can do their work when something happens. Guns require attention and the right cleaning; therefore, their care must not be underestimated.



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