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From NRA Family – Arthritis Tips: How to Load & Unload Semi-Autos



Getting older ain’t for sissies, and the number one reason why is arthritis. What can you do when it hurts to shoot? Plenty, as it turns out.

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NRA Family has posted an enlightening and helpful article on the topic of older shooters with arthritis, courtesy of physical therapist Dr. Joseph Logar. While many gun manufacturers dubiously tout good ergonomic design, that simply isn’t true for all of us. If a tool doesn’t fit the user, then it is not ergonomic for that user. If you have arthritis, a standard gun is almost certainly not designed for you.

Enter the expertise of Dr. Logar, who writes –

The pain and weakness of arthritis can be debilitating in firearms handling, particularly when it comes to loading and unloading semi-automatic handguns. In this article, we’ll offer some tips and specific products that you may find helpful. But first, a couple of caveats: First, this information is in no way meant to replace the advice of your doctor. Furthermore, the equipment modifications mentioned here are suggestions, and should only be taken as such. We’re neither endorsing nor guaranteeing that these adaptations are possible for all pistols. Your best course of action is to consult with a qualified gunsmith about the applicability of these to a specific firearm.

In the article Logar lays out three different aspects of loading and unloading where adaptive techniques and equipment can help someone with arthritis. They are:

  1. Loading the Magazine
  2. Racking the Slide

You can find the full article here, and other helpful adaptive shooting tips here on the site.

Have any of our readers found creative ways to make shooting easier while managing your arthritis. Let us know in the comments.

Happy shooting!


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