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Defensive Gun Use: Pizza Hut Edition



We all know how crime rates, all over the world, are on a continuous rise, right? Under such circumstances, the fact of the matter is that places with any sort of a cash register should be considered as a natural target for armed robbers. With that being said, what would be the logical thing for a business with a cash register do? A business and its employees should be vigilant and always prepared for the worst-case scenario, right?

The Pizza Hut Incident

In a recent incident of such an attempt of robbery, three armed robbers entered the business premises of Pizza Hut with bad intentions in mind. The business was closed for business, so there were no customers around. You would think of such a scenario to result into such a situation when the employees and the business are at the whim of the robbers. However, such was not the case in this instance because an employee was carrying his own concealed gun.

The employee made use of all of his raining and courage and opened fire at the amateur robbers who had intended to terrorize him and his coworkers. One of the robbers—named Michael Grace—died immediately as a result of a bullet to the head. Grace’s accomplices, however, did what such cowardly men do: they fled the scene in an attempt to save their own lives.

Who Suffers?

Such an act of initiative and action is commendable indeed. The employee of Pizza Hut not only saved the business’ earnings but, at the same time, protected the lives of his coworkers also. It has been reported that he will not be facing any kind of criminal charges as a result of the shooting, but he has been placed on leave by the employer. Many businesses, nowadays, have got a no-gun policy in place which employees have got to follow. What’s worse is that businesses risk the lives and wellbeing of their employees by having such policies in place. For instance, on the block where the said branch of Pizza Hut is located, there had been ten other instances of robbery in the month of October, 2017 alone. When you take it all into perspective, it was wise of the employee to be armed and ready, right?

The Media

While the gun community stands right behind the bold employee, the media has brought a new twist to the entire scenario—as it often does. The parents of the robber who died as a result of the shooting took up their issue with the press. Now before we move forward, doesn’t the statement sound strange? I mean, what did the robber’s parents take up with the press? The issue of the robber’s human rights, maybe? Well…yes!

The robber’s parents made it clear in their protest that they had a problem with the fact that the employee was armed. Well, if you think about it, that’s just another way of saying, “Our son should have faced no resistance while robbing that cash register empty”. They even went a step further by saying that only the police can shoot at the robbers and not the ones who are being robbed. I guess no one bothered to ask them if the robbers should shoot at their victims or not. “Even a criminal has a right,” was what the robber’s father had to say on the entire situation.

Rights? What Rights?

Every constitution gives criminals the right to speedy trials in courts of law succeeding the arrest. But every individual has got a right to self-defense as well, right? Well, the fact of the matter is that a criminal gives up his rights when he usurps the rights of another. When a criminal endangers the lives of others—thus infringing their rights to safety and security—how can he have the audacity to demand for his constitutional rights when the victims retaliate in self-defense? Isn’t that just another way of saying that there should be no self-defense at all? You be the judge!

The Takeaway

The takeaway from the entire fiasco is, certainly, the bravery and the will to act of the employee. Keeping a hold of your nerves, under tough circumstances, is something that not everyone can do, especially when their lives are endangered. We all should be like the Pizza Hut Man!


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