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9 Pro-Gun Memes We All Need Right Now



Every time you share a pro-gun meme, Mike Bloomberg shivers.

The Internet may be something of a mixed blessing at times, but one of the best things to emerge from it is the meme. Like a customized digital postcard, memes can summarize a complex concept with a picture and just a few words of text. The last 12 months have been a banner year for the pro-gun-rights connoisseur of memes, and we’ve selected the best of the best for your enjoyment. Save them and share them with your friends…or add your own favorite in our comments section below!

1. So a billionaire, a Beijinger, and a butt-hurt Beto walk into a bar…

Too soon?

Beta O’ Dork may no longer be in the presidential race, but he lives on in our hearts as the man who first told the world what the anti-gunners have in mind: “Hell yes, we’re coming to take your AR-15s!” But if we don’t really “need” semi-autos, then perhaps, dear anti-gunners, we should look into some other “nonessential” parts of life that can be cut, shall we? Like…one functioning kidney?

2. Biden’s Best Anti-Gun Argument (to Date)

To be fair, it’s better advice than “buy a shotgun and shoot it in the air.”

No, good ol’ Creepy Uncle Joe hasn’t actually said that…yet…but we bet that if this meme gets spread far enough, we can probably get him to say it!

3. Great Britain Bans Narwhals in T minus 3, 2, 1…

Confession: if somebody actually makes one of these I’ll probably buy it.

After a brave Brit (they still exist!) battled a baddie on London Bridge armed with nothing but his wits and a narwhal tusk, the world cheered. And anti-gunners the world over realized that there is in fact one marine mammal that needs extirpation…

4. Ladies Love LL Cool Jack Wilson

Shortly after Christmas 2019, some moron decided to shoot up a Texas church. The good news for the parishioners is that Jack Wilson was there. This armed citizen exemplifies the only kind of gun control we like: use both hands, focus on the front sight, squeeze the trigger. He’s also the married man’s worst nightmare, because ladies the world over are adding Jack Wilson to their “Celebrity Cheat List.”

5. I Feel Personally Attacked By This Meme

Just don’t make me shoot next to Jack Wilson. That’s just not fair.

While Jack Wilson is fending off the females, the rest of us are all over here like…well, this.

6. Back to the Eighteenth Century, Anti-Gunners?

In fairness, look at the size of the bore on that syringe! At least the junkie robbing your house won’t try to take it.

Here’s another meme to counter one of the gun-grabbers’ dumbest canards: the idea that the Second Amendment only applied to single-shot long guns. Well, let’s all hope that they don’t feel the same way about that “universal health care” they want so very badly…

7. Mmm, Sweater Weather is Shooting Weather!

No word on whether it works as a cover scent.

Okay, okay, so that does clearly say Fall 2018. But I don’t care if it’s dated; I love it even more than pumpkin spice lattes (which is actually pretty easy; I think pumpkin spice lattes taste like gun control).

8. Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

I like that they made the cape pink instead of red.

The difference, of course, between the sport of bullfighting and “gun-free zone” signs is that the former involves a bull, and the latter is bull.

9. Okay, Boomer

Yeah, I laughed. Sign me up for my senior discount, I guess.

This one is for the Dad Joke connoisseur in your life. If that Dad Joke connoisseur happens to be you, take comfort in this: When we say, “Okay Boomer,” we’re talking about all the noise you make on the range.

Do you have a favorite pro-gun meme that we missed? Post it in the comments!




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