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Rob Pincus’ New Book: My Daddy Has a Gun…and My Mom Does Too!



Rob Pincus, head of the Personal Defense Network and pro-Second Amendment dynamo, has just authored a groundbreaking new book designed for firearms- and freedom-loving families…but the truth about My Daddy Has a Gun…and My Mom Does Too! is that it’s applicable to all Americans. Here’s a sneak peek at the introduction. Do you know someone who could benefit from Pincus’ wisdom, garnered over decades of gun-safety training? Click here to purchase!

Whether you are a firearms owner or not, all parents have a responsibility to educate their children and prepare them for the world we live in. Firearms are a part of our world. In the United States, over 120 million responsible firearms owners and armed professionals safely possess firearms. Pistols, rifles, and shotguns are a constant part of our lives, even if you are not a shooter. Our neighbors, family members, police officers, security guards, and firearms industry professionals use firearms for recreation, sport, hunting, defense, and various other activities all around us every day without negative impact on anyone.

Unfortunately, these realities are sometimes obscured by tragic events involving guns. These tragedies include heinous crimes, spree killings, and accidents. Too often, these events are sensationalized by those who do not understand firearms, firearms owners, or our Second Amendment Rights. They are also used to further anti-gun political agendas. The more educated and responsible we are about firearms, the fewer tragedies there will be.

I have dedicated my adult life to educating those who would own or work with firearms for defensive purposes. I have spent thousands of hours trying to influence and educate the firearms community to be more responsible in the exercise of our rights. I believe strongly that the first and most important step in meeting our responsibilities is education. I have long lamented the lack of firearms safety education in our public school systems. We educate kids about drug abuse, unprotected sex, and countless other dangerous things. Although firearms can be dangerous, particularly in the hands of uneducated children, we know that firearms are not inherently evil, nor are they magic talismans against evil. They are inanimate tools, subject to the uses (or misuses) human beings will put them to.

The vast majority of firearm uses in our society are positive. This book is meant to be a starting point for families to discuss this reality. Whether you consider yourself “pro-gun” or “pro-gun control,” you have a responsibility as a parent to educate your children honestly about guns. The ubiquity of guns in our country makes education a necessity. It is my hope that this book inspires families to be safer, that it will reduce negative outcomes with firearms and that it might spark new interests in regard to responsible firearms use and ownership in our country.

I have been asked many times over the years how old I think a child should be before they are taught to shoot or educated in gun safety. It is an impossible question for me to answer in absolutes. You, as a parent, must make that decision. I do implore you to take appropriate steps to ensure that your guns are not accessible by children without supervision until they are intellectually and physically capable to using them safely and emotionally mature enough to understand and respect the risks involved. This is the greatest responsibility you have as a gun owning parent.

-Rob Pincus


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