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9 Pro-Gun Memes to Stump Social-Media Shills



Also, I find that toilet paper makes a great pillow fort for my gun collection.

Election 2020 is underway, and you know what that means: It’s time for the Meme War Boogaloo!

The war to save the Second Amendment is fought in the legislatures, in the courthouses, and (because it’s 2020) social-media feeds. The way those feeds work is that they’re programmed to only “serve up” content that their algorithms say you want to see. When a majority of America gets their news from social media, what that means is that there are millions of people who have never seen viewpoints that differ from their own. That’s where memes come in.

Memes are the political cartoons of the modern era, created by “the common man” and not at the direction of some nameless editor. They’re simple, they’re punchy, and they might just be the best way to counter the b.s. that’s already stinking up your news feed like hidden dog bombs in the long grass. Save them, modify them, have fun with them…you might just change a mind (or, more likely, have a good chuckle).

Remember when they laughed at people for buying guns during the COVID-19 crisis? WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?

The “shoulder thing that goes up” has a tactical mask attached, too.

The Boy Scout motto is to always be prepared. The Boy Scouts ain’t got nuttin’ on me.

…I’m saving up for a tactical Sherpa to hump all this around for me.

Remember, only the police and the military should have guns because only they can be trusted!

They were looking forward to the police brutality, actually…as long as it was directed at you.

Nobody “needs” to see a picture of your lunch either, Karen, but that never stopped you…

Later, I chewed up her sneakers in retaliation.

Either way you do it, it gives Mike Bloomberg hives.

And the minute CrossBreed Holsters comes out with one that’ll hold a honey badger, I’ll have my home-defense rig setup.

Your daily reminder that Creepy Uncle Joe Biden is running for President of the United States.

Dog-Face Pony Soldier couldn’t be reached for comment.

It’s…it’s almost as if the Bill of Rights were written by a bunch of wise men who had just fought a war for this right.

And the men with guns doing the enforcing are using guns you’re not allowed to own in order to do it.

It wasn’t even all that long ago that NRA A-Rated Bill Richardson (D-N.M.) was running for president…14 years ago, in fact.

Remembah when pro-2A Democrats could get elected? Pepperidge Faaahm remembahs.


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