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Steyr’s Hot New Bolt-Action Monobloc Rifle




Miltary utility, civilian precision—it’s a revolution in all respects.

Steyr’s  hot new bolt-action Monobloc rifle, available in Spring 2019, is set to delight armed defenders, hunters, and target shooters alike. This sweet new bolt gun from the legendary Austrian gunmaker boasts an all-metal “monobloc” construction in which the barrel and housing are all one piece…hence the name. The concept is to provide the level of robustness that any self-respecting military demands, along with the enhanced downrange precision needed in a civilian-legal rifle.

In addition to its revolutionary design, the Monobloc is a remarkably nimble rifle that, with an overall length of 42.3 inches including the 22-inch barrel, can move through close quarters if need be. That’s certainly welcome news for home defenders who are in search of a “do-all” rifle that’s also suitable for hunting large game, and even having fun on the range. At 8.2 pounds, this may not be the rifle you’d want to tote up a mountainside (that honor, in my opinion, goes to the Steyr Carbon CL II)…but that’s certainly to be expected in a rifle with this much steel in its backbone. After all, the handsome synthetic stock with its leather inlays belies the aluminum bedding block beneath.

The Monobloc also offers some safety features that families with young children, as well as folks who must travel with their rifles, will certainly appreciate. For example, there’s a hand cocking system, bolt lock and removable trigger unit…all of which the owner can choose to use or not use depending on their unique situation. Chambered in .308 Win., 30-06 Spr. with more calibers like .270 down the road, this rifle is suitable for hunting game both small, medium, and large.

We haven’t yet had a chance to test this rifle here at Guns and Gadgets Daily, but keep an eye on this space for more information as it comes available!


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