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My Kinda Math: Bergara B-14, Squared



Here’s the only formula you need to know: Bergara barrel + carbon fiber stock + mountain = success!

Bergara is pleased to announce their new B-14 Squared Crest Rifle. Designed for the highest standard of mountain hunting adventures, the Crest is an ultralight high-performance rifle inspired to meet the needs of the most demanding backcountry hunters. The new B-14 Squared concept is anchored by a 100% carbon fiber monocoque stock. Bergara incorporated a carbon fiber spine throughout the stock providing greater rigidity and strength.

This new stock, combined with their B-14 action and well-known barrels, blend all the advantages of the B-14 series into something unique. Therefore, they have named it the B-14 Squared.

The Bergara B-14 action consists of a two-bolt system with a sliding extractor and a tapered bolt and breech stop to ensure smooth cartridge insertion and extraction. It’s finished with a Sniper Grey Cerakote to complement the barrel and flute-plated to enhance its appearance and reduce its overall weight.

The Crest consists of a fluted 4140 CrMo steel barrel in 20 or 22-inch, depending on the caliber. The muzzle is threaded 5/8-24 and includes a Bergara Omni muzzle brake. Other features include: a 90-degree bolt throw, cone-shaped bolt nose ejector, a sliding extractor, and an AICS compatible detachable magazine. The trigger is an adjustable Bergara Performance Trigger with a two-position safety allowing the rifle to be unloaded while in the safe position. The unloaded weight is a mere 6.9 pounds. Built for accuracy, the Crest guarantees sub-MOA precision and is chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, .308 Win., and .300 Win. Mag. MSRP: $1999; Bergara.Online


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