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WATCH: Torture-Testing AR500 Body Armor



A t-shirt that says “Professional Russian” is all the notification you need that things are about to get rodeo.

Not all body armor is created equal. Here’s proof.

History proves that the only thing that can counter a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun…and I don’t know about you, but I want my “good guy with a gun” to have every possible advantage in that critical encounter. The engineers at AR500 Armor clearly feel the same way, and have spent decades making their armor more effective while simultaneously making it slimmer, lighter, cooler, and easier to wear.

But when it comes to trusting a brand with your life, you probably want to see something a little more definitive than a spec sheet or a ballistic-gel test. That’s where famous YouTuber FPSRussia, also known as Dimitri the Professional Russian, comes in. Russian YouTubers have a well-deserved reputation for their “hold my vodka” approach to physical challenges that assures you that this video is going to be a fun watch. (Don’t worry: Everything you’re about to see here follows the Three Rules of Gun Safety.) Want to see how both the soft-armor and hard-armor AR500 systems stand up to some serious calibers, like .500 Smith & Wesson, .458 Socom, and .50BMG? Of course you do! Click the video above.

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