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CrossBreed Holsters Has Your M&P9 Shield EZ Covered



It’s the most wonderful time of the year–when all of the gun manufacturers announce their latest and greatest–and the recent launch of Smith & Wesson’s M&P9 Shield EZ handgun is big news. Savvy gun owners know that new guns usually mean new holsters, but who wants to wait for the holster makers to catch up? The good news is that CrossBreed Holsters got the heads-up about that new Smith several weeks ago, and they’re ready with a full lineup of custom-fit holsters for whatever carry method you please.

Crossbreed was honored to work with  Smith & Wesson ahead of their release of the M&P Shield EZ to ensure at-launch availability of its premium holsters. Concealed carry owners of the new striker-fired M&P9 Shield EZ pistol have the choice of the following holsters from CrossBreed such as the SuperTuck, the Reckoning, Freedom Carry, SnapSlide, DropSlide, Purse Defender, Modular Belly Band, and Last Ditch, each ideally suited for multiple carry styles.

But when it comes to Crossbreed, it’s not just the drawing-board-to-stores time that’s fast. Right now, they’re offering a full 20% off of all “quick ship” holster systems (including holsters for the new M&P9). Click here to review the available rigs.

Of course, the most wonderful time of the year does follow the other most wonderful time of the year (the holiday buying season), so if your wallet is feeling the heat…well, relax! Crossbreedholsters come with the company’s “Two-Week, Try It Free” guarantee and Lifetime Warranty. Visit Crossbreed to learn more. If you need help choosing a concealed carry option, please visit a local CrossBreed dealer or call 888.732.5011 to speak to a carry expert.


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