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Steyr Arms Salutes Father’s Day With Sitewide Sale



You want to know where to get that shirt, don’t you? Read on to find out…

This Father’s Day, don’t let Dad be the AUG man out–Steyr Arms has sales on what he really wants.

If your dad is an AUG man–and I assure you that he is, even if he doesn’t know it yet–chances are that he’d love to personalize the classic bullpup rifle trusted by armies worldwide with some cool mods of his own. Of course, every AUG leaves the factory perfect…and if you’d like to improve on perfection, you’ve got to get smart. Ask any crow hunter what the smartest bird in the world is, and they’ll tell you that turkeys have nothing on the humble corvid. That’s why, when the folks at Steyr Arms need a clever solution, they reach out to Corvus Defensio…a company bearing the Latin name and image of a crow. So if you’re interested in dressing your AUG up with a sturdy rail suitable for mounting optical sights, iron sights, or whatever other accessory you’d like, you’ll be stoked to know that today only (May 28) Steyr is offering a full 20% discount on all Corvus Defensio accessories. Click here and crow about it.

Of course, the Steyr Salute to Father’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a big sale on all of the stuff Dad really wants: top-notch gear and accessories from the Steyr web store. And, naturally, as a Guns & Gadgets Daily reader, you’re hearing about it ahead of time. Beginning on June 1 and ending on the 30th, you’re eligible for 15% discounts across everything in their apparel, accessories, and collectibles. Just use the code DADS2020 at check-out, and get your camera ready to capture his smile. Here are the links to bookmark for June 1: Apparel is here and Accessories are here.

Once you get that perfect snap, Steyr invites you to send them a picture of Dad and the family Steyr in the lead-up to this Father’s Day. Whether Dad’s a hunter, target shooter, or just a man with excellent taste in firearms, the Steyr firearm he loves best will be a valued heirloom in your family for generations to come. Visit their Instagram page and send them a family photo so they can wish your Steyr family a very happy Father’s Day! Click here to follow them.

Oh, and that shirt? They’re available at OAF Nation, and you can buy one here.



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