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WATCH: Steyr AUG, King of the Bullpup Rifles



How much is that bullpuppy in the window? I don’t care; I want it.

Hold up–do you know what month it is? No, it’s not August; it’s #AUGust! In celebration, we made a little video about the best bullpup out there, the Steyr AUG. Selected by the Austrian army in 1977, the AUG A3 M1 is a civilian-legal variant that boasts all of the features demanded by Austrian defense forces. (Except full-auto fire capability, naturally.) For the last 42 years, the AUG has reigned supreme as the King of the Bullpups.

Best part? For the next few days, you can win one! Right now, Steyr’s Elite Experience Giveaway is still ongoing…and will be through August 31, 2019. Three lucky winners will receive either a Scout, a THB (Tactical Heavy Barrel), or an AUG–and an expenses-paid class at the Steyr Academy to help you get the most out of your new gun. Click here to enter!