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Shooters & Hunters: Free Online Hearing Test From Tetra



Until suppressors become easier to own, ear protection on the range and in the field is critical…

Passionate hunters and shooters have come to accept that noise-induced hearing loss is just part of our lives until such time as we can get the Hearing Protection Act through Congress, but most of us don’t know exactly what that means for us as individuals. It’s also complicated by the fact that hunters rely on their hearing in addition to their sight, so sometimes that hearing protection also needs to include an amplification device. Knowing what to wear if you’re big game hunting, wing shooting, busting clays, driving a tractor or simply working in the yard can be complex. That’s why we’re excited to tell you that hearing technology company TETRA has developed an online hearing test and product selector application…and it’s free to use.

Here’s how it works: Simply plug a headset or pair of earbuds into your computer, follow the instructions to test the hearing in each ear, and submit your results. You don’t have to purchase anything to take the test, but if you would like to (and who wouldn’t?), you can later submit those results and TETRA’s team will then program your purchased devices to your precise hearing needs. The founders of TETRA are professional audiologists with the highest expertise in sound and hearing technology as well as passionate hunters and shooters, so they know what they’re talking about.

Once you’ve taken your test, you can then check out what TETRA products might address your needs best. The TETRA product selector provides an easy three-step process to choose the device that’s best suited for you:

1. Select all of the outdoor pursuits that apply to your interests.
2. Choose between a custom fit or a universal fit.
3. Click on the icon that best describes your current hearing (which you’ll have derived from your free online test)!

“Protecting your hearing is the easy part,” said Dr. Bill Dickinson, CEO of TETRA. “Creating a great listening experience has always been the challenge. We provide the ultimate hearing experience when you’re outdoors. Our Specialized Target Optimization algorithm is programmed into each device and isolates and enhances the unique sounds specific to your outdoor activity. All TETRA products are programmed with AlphaShield Compression™technology that instantly shuts down and recovers from loud noises such as gunshots, while still enabling users to have normal conversations.”

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