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Got Mags? N8 Tactical’s FLEX IWB For All of Them



Adding the N8 Tactical FLEX IWB Mag Carrier to your EDC is as easy as ABC (and we’re done with the acronyms now, promise).

We’ve checked with concealed-carry experts nationwide, and they agree that adding a spare magazine to your everyday carry (EDC) rig is a terrific idea that might save your life someday…if, that is, you can find a way to discreetly and comfortably do so. That’s the dilemma that N8 Tactical has solved with its FLEX IWB Mag Carrier, which boasts a unique versatility you’ll love. Capable of adapting to multiple magazine sizes from single-stack 1911s to double-stack compact handguns, it confidently changes with every concealed carry setup.

This is especially valuable to those of us who occasionally open up our holster drawer and sigh at all of the specialized tack we rarely or ever get to actually use. The FLEX IWB Mag Carrier keeps pace with your change in carry gun choices. Whether you have a Glock 17 and decide to switch to an XDM or want to switch from a Sig P365 to your Springfield Armory Hellcat, the FLEX IWB Mag Carrier has you covered.

Of course, it’s not just about flexibility…it’s also about quality. Built on a durable leather form, the FLEX IWB Mag Carrier comes with a three-layered, patented backer that provides full coverage of the carrier to maximize comfort and to eliminate pressure points. Contributing to the all-day-comfort wear, the FLEX IWB Mag Carrier includes a moisture-proof neoprene core between the leather backer and the soft suede backing (against the body). This protects the firearm from sweat and body oils while offering a compression cushion.

As with all N8 Tactical products, the FLEX IWB Mag Carrier comes with a Two-Week, Try it Free Guarantee, and a lifetime warranty. MSRP is $34.95, but at the time of this writing it is available on the N8Tactical site for $29.95. Click here to learn more.



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