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Smells Like Infringement: Gun Banners in the News (Again)



Infringement. That’s what you’re smelling.

My nana always told me, “Trace, if you can’t say something nice about somebody, you just come sit down right here next to me.”

Every week, the anti-gunners open up a new can of…well, not so much whoop-ass as Whoopie Cushion. And every week, the mainstream media falls all over itself singing the praises of the latest doomed-to-failure gun-ban scheme. Although the schemes themselves change from time to time, what always remains the same is that their authors will assure us that our Second Amendment rights are safe and that we’re a bunch of paranoid losers for suspecting otherwise. (It’s sort of like how my ex-wife would float an air biscuit in church and then glare at me.) But the fact remains that no matter how often the gun banners grunt out their little plans–and no matter how hard the MSM tries to polish those little plans–it all still smells like infringement. Case in point?

That’s one way to spread gun control.

Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been, a Member of the NRA?

This is truly unique, even for California. The city of Los Angeles has recently passed and put into effect a bill requiring all city contractors to disclose–under oath–whether or not they have any ties to the NRA. Failure to disclose any ties would result in the contract being canceled. City Council Member Mitch O’Farrell (pictured above) has been quoted saying the city is “on firm legal ground” in doing this. So, not only does O’Farrell believe that the Second Amendment isn’t worth the parchment it’s printed on, he seems to think the same about the First. What makes the irony truly delicious here is that the McCarthyesque focus on what legal organizations a person belongs to is happening in Tinseltown. Yes, Hollywood, where they still haven’t gotten over being asked whether or not they were communists back in the 1950s. (Ol’ Joe McCarthy should have just waited for about 70 years; he wouldn’t need to ask that question today, would he?)

Has anyone got any Febreze? Hulk just laid a universal background check.

Oh, No! Please Don’t Punish the Criminals!

Universal background checks. You’d think there would be no three words lovelier to a gun banner’s ear, given how much they obsess about the NICS check. After decades of bloviating about the “gun show loophole” and “kitchen table dealers” and “private transfers,” they finally got a whiff of success with H.R. 8, known as “The Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019.” There was only one problem: Republicans, led by Florida Representative and Iraq war hero Greg Stube, wanted the Dems to do something they just couldn’t stomach in exchange. It was a bridge too far, a river too deep. It was…

Adding a phrase that made it so people who failed background checks would be reported to law enforcement. Particularly, the Dems didn’t want failed background check information from illegal immigrants to go to ICE.

If you ever needed proof positive that anti-gunners’ proposed schemes have nothing to do with reducing violence and crime committed with guns…this is it. And if you had thought up until now that law enforcement did get notified when someone failed a background check, that’s probably because you assumed that the whole point of a background check was to cut down on crime. Silly you!

Well, that’s all the infringement I can stand to sniff for the time being, so until next week…might I recommend Vick’s Vaporub under the nostrils?


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